I have been waiting for this video for some days, so joyous that I got it this morning. Before sharing about the video. Here are some updates and observations.


This came very strongly to me on Wednesday. We do the ritual then we embrace our challenges with some negative outcomes. It is really important for us to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the oils open the doors and resolve many of our challenges by us giving them that space. I found that putting aside 15 minutes in the day to consciously relax made a big difference. In other words turning down that anxiety, worry, fear that may be very present about your life and the outcomes, which you are seeking.

Let me put it another way to you.

When you go to sleep at night, your autonomic nervous system takes over. Your heart beats by itself, you breathe by yourself, blood circulation happens. All of that is occurring because of your autonomic nervous system. In the same way the oils matured in the trees and the plants over the months and years by themselves. The spirit of these oils is reconnecting with that dimension which created them and which is now part of your energy field. 

As you align yourself into that same zone then other possibilities in your journey through life do happen. For sure keep your focus, keep your end direction clear. Yet at the same time allow the frequency of the oils to open new pathways for you. You are now playing on a much larger playing field than before. In that way you allow yourself and your dreams to be aligned with that http://Quantum Field and its many waves.

To go through that process of letting go those tensions in your body and to keep aligned with your end result does allow the frequency of the oils to support you with your journey.


In the summer of 1977 I started Zazen with my Aikido teacher the late Kanetsuka Sensei It came about when my very good friend Birger pointed his finger at me and told me “if you want to do good Aikido, You HAVE TO DO Zazen” Well from then it has remained a daily companion.

I have shared in great detail about this in my audio book Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME How come Japan? Is a chapter in the audio book where I share how Japanese culture and its healing practices along with a host of other disciplines have become a dominant theme in my life since 1973. You can hear all about how I came to embrace so many approaches that is part of their traditional life. Yet, I am from the Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago I leave that to your imagination, how come? till you listen to my audio book.

Kanetsuka Sensei in his approach to his teachings was about intensity within the sacred tradition of Budo. The protocols, the Incense, the attitude one had on the mat and the process of his teachings were consistently aligned to that approach. It was all about the inner process that you brought to Aikido, where it was coming from was the key factor. He showed this in numerous personal challenges that he faced in life with his own body. By the way before I forget, he was totally allergic to tense shoulders. I remember once he had a fracture with his right clavicle, yet he taught classes showing how having a relaxed shoulder is what made the difference in the application of the technique.

Then there was the time when he was recovering from a brain tumour and was hospitalized. Key students of his would sneak him out of the hospital for him to teach, which he longed to do. In that period, Sensei was only bones and skin, he had to wear a small tracksuit to teach. Again he emphasized the importance of the hip and Hara in implementing the techniques. This was who Kanetsuka Sensei was. His impact on my life has been vast especially in my Shiatsu classes and as a practitioner. There is a lot more about Sensei in my audio book.

Some may ask where does any of this fit into the Feelings Kit Ritual.

I never thought of ever teaching or showing this practice in public, it was something that I did privately, I shared it with two friends over the decade. I think it is more like 12 or 13 years I have been doing it. As the Feelings Kit Ritual began the urge to share this with my dedicated Zazen group arose in me. Hence here it is.

There is another key Aikido teacher who had a big impact on my Zazen, he was the late Chiba Sensei, and he was another teacher of phenomenal intensity. I first met him in 1977 at the Aikido Summer Camp and Kanetsuka sensei asked me to give him a daily Shiatsu treatment before he taught Aikido. He was a big fan of Zazen and was a committed practitioner. It was a corner stone in his Aikido practice and teachings. I remember going to Chiba Sensei’s Aikido classes in San Diego on a few afternoons when I lived in California.

In those afternoon classes he liked to complete them with two 40 minute sits of Zazen. He always drew a large crowd to his classes. Anyway, after this class there were about thirty of us sitting, when Chiba Sensei rang the bell at the end of the first sit, I was one of the last students to stand up. The glare and look I got from Sensei was cutting me to the bone…”WHAT, how dare you Rex be that sloppy here” was the look he gave me. Well when he rang the bell at the end of the second sit, I was the first to stand up. A gentle smile with bright eyes spread across his face.

I am sure the late Chiba Sensei would like this set.

For those who are not doing Zazen, which is the majority, do keep your focus and commitment with doing the Feelings Kit Ritual as transformative changes will occur for you.



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