How those days just rolled by taking me deeper and deeper with connections to nature, trees, birds, animals and Ancestors. Took me this long to resurface from where I went. All arising from phenomenal creative insights and messages. Finding words for some of this is still unfolding though the feelings surrounding what those words are have created a new space in my being. That is the best way to describe it.


Since the writing of my book The TIME of Your Life I have always signed my autograph with the words Make TIME Your Friend for those who bought a book from me. A few days ago, I spontaneoulsy said THANK YOU TIME. I never said that before or wrote my relatedness to TIME in this way before. This was magical for me. I was meeting TIME in a more personal and sincere way than ever before. My Make TIME Your Friend felt shallow next to that deep feelings of Gratitude which I expressed to TIME. For sure most of you reading this may say so what or even jumup to what are my other Deeper & Deeper Connections. So be it yet you are missing something that is truly heartfelt which will give you a whole new Context to what you are doing rather than the pressure we often feel with our Time lines or even more frightening when we express it as Deadlines. Imagine seeking to bury TIME with the word Deadlines?


The American Visionary, Architect, Buckminster Fuller came up with a design expression called Trimtab as you engage TIME with the Trimtab of THANK YOU TIME for this opportunity or for allowing or for giving me etc whatever it is you are creating or accomplishing something else happens when you create the context where TIME is now involved as a friend who you are grateful for opening that space in your life for you to be creating what you are creating. Obviously, the usual mindset that is prevalent and absolutely logical is that Time is squeezing you and stressing you. TRIMTAB TIME with the THANK YOU TIME acknowledgement and see what happens. This is all part of my Alchemy of TIME work, arising from the 9 Star Ki system of Time. As you can well imagine approaching my Alchemy of TIME readings from this perspective has manifested a whole new way in sharing the insights that arise for me when doing a consultation or mentoring a client from this new Context.


Yes, this is a deep one that I am still in the process of digesting and getting clarity about it. Since Sunday August 15th from time to time the fragrance of Beeswax is in my aura field. This is the best way to describe it. I have no beeswax candles or other products or balms made with it. Yet randomly this fragrance shows up. This was verified by someone who came to see me. What to make of this…is what I had to look at without any guidelines. The question or answer does not exist on Google…which it seems is where all answers about life resides.


My father’s mother being the one who told me to start this Ritual on Saturday July 24th eventually crossed my mind as the days went by. I was more engaged with what the Ritual was manifesting in my life and how far out this was. In awe, hence as I wrote at the start of this blog DEEPER & DEEPER CONNECTIONS. When I engaged the Beeswax experience as something that could have links with her, I saw that the Mayan Culture had a major focus on Bees and Beekeeping. This was a major revelation for me, never knew that. What is this telling me, I have no idea, this is where I really miss my parents as if this went on for them they would immediately nail it, knowing what this communication is about. I have not as I am writing this, for sure it speaks volumes as to the depth that these Feelings Kit Ritual oils are having as it creates deeper pathways of communication with nature and life.


This journey has not been one lined with roses and red carpets. In fact the opposite has been what occurs. Not complaining just sharing. As many family members and even those who are all about having a better society in the Trinidad context…this is uncharted territory and there is a conscious and awkward stepping back from this conversation. Just too awkward for them to engage with what was really so in Trinidad before 1498 when it was so called “discovered” Plus the word MAYAN was never mentioned in the Trinidad context.

I am now upsetting the historical narrative that there was such a presence with who were described as Caribs and Arawaks. I won’t bore readers with that as it is not part of the Feelings Kit Ritual. Yet in the process of doing it more ripening of these connections are happening as I connect with my personal Biological history that is outside the mainstream view. Much less even imagined that such could be the case with people who have Indigenous roots with the island or even islands further north than Trinidad. There is more to write about this and some of it is already spoken about. You can hear me refer to this in my Audio book Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME



For sure I am from a time when listening

Was how it was

Rather than just hearing

Then what’s next

What’s next and what to grasp

What’s new, what’s the trend

Need to be with it

Far away from yesterday

As I am bright, I am sharp

All these alphabet pieces behind my name

I have to be

Yes that thing called approval

I wallow in it I need it

Yesterday can’t give it to me

As they don’t know about progress

And smartness

They are only about yesterday

And back then

With all the Mumbo Jumbo from then

Oh this approval of being with it

Yet measurement of yesterday

All within a twenty one hundred history constraint

Before then does not exist

Oh those strange times

Those strange primitive things

History, yes I was given alphabet pieces

For knowing it

Oh why remind me of that

I need to be with it

In that jet

Setting my new horizons

Lots of dosh tells me I have approval


  1. Fascinating indeed. I gave thanks for TIME today after having a near death experience on the road driving to pick up my grandson.
    Thank you for sharing.


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