There are profound Alchemic wellbeing benefits of starting the Feelings Kit Ritual in February 2022 in the Northern Hemisphere. As the Sap of the Trees are rapidly rising at this TIME. I share why this is the optimal time in the year to do the Feelings Kit Ritual.

Today after doing the Ritual this morning with the Young Living Oils. An Alchemy of Feelings with its many qualities was what came to me to share. Doing the Ritual over these 30 days in the February/March period will align our being with the forces of Nature. That is Alchemy.


The word Alchemy in the Western Tradition and by that I mean Greece, Babylonia, Egypt and Europe is made up of 3 words that are used to Point to it. Those 3 words point to states of experiences in our lives.
In a way it is a Lens that we use to look at things or to give them a clearer perspective.


The 3 words that I am referring to are Salt, Mercury and Sulphur. Those words do not represent sodium chloride for salt or the chemical Mercury or the planet by that name and Sulphur is not represented by Sulphur the chemical.
What these words are addressing; is that Salt gives the core material foundation of things. Reference our bodies, salt would be our bones and the basic structure of our bodies, the skin, hair, nails.


In the domain of TIME,

SALT is right Now that moment that we are in as we chat, walk or whatever we are doing.That moment of reality. It is not referring to where our head may go about what we want to do. Neither is it about where our “heart/consciousness” may take us in that Now moment of TIME. As other experiences can and do occur which are outside the Salt parameter that I just described. That which is its basic nature.

MERCURY represents what we wish to achieve and accomplish in life, our goals. To become this, do that etcetera in a space of a certain TIME. Be it In some weeks, months, years. Yes it can also be in a day or a certain set TIME frame.

SULPHUR in the domain of TIME is the sunrise, the new moon, full moon, high tide, low tide a vast array of things that we humans do not create. In a way it is the Autonomic system of the Universe. Spring and its rising sap is in the realm of Sulphur. This arises from the Divine, the basic Order of the Universe and how it functions. In other words things that are beyond the realm of us human beings to create.


For sure there is a lot of tampering that is going on with SULPHUR in some quarters. Where that Mercury aspect of us humans…seeking to be the Divine in the Universe. I say no more, pretty obvious with some of the AI manipulations that we see occurring. Which strangely enough is seen by some as “Science making progress”

What does this have to do with the Feelings Kit Ritual Rex?


We are consciously encompassing all 3 elements of Alchemy when we do the Feelings Kit Ritual

Salt is having the 6 oils that are the requirements for the Feelings Kit Ritual.

Mercury is our commitment to do it everyday and to set aside a TIME in our day to do it. Rather than saying you have no time. That statement sabotages your wellbeing. Be it that arising moment in our day or that closing down moment at the end of our day. This all connects to our Alpha brain wave patterns.

SULPHUR is the opening of the bottles of the Young Living Oils. That is a quantum field moment if we wish to attune with it. Those tiny molecules of those blend of oils are now creating a quantum wave heading back to the forest, and areas where they came from in the world. They are returning to their mother tree. You can sense and feel that such a wave is returning to you from those trees. As You give thanks for having the opportunity to be doing the Ritual with these blend of oils.
For sure you can encompass a wish or a goal into the gratitude narrative which would access the Mercury domain. But you could also be in that Space of a Sulphur surrender to the Divine. This will most certainly open doors for you beyond your imagination. Obviously the choice is yours.


This has been my constant mantra about Young Living oils

Yet very few people can really embrace that statement that I have made from the early days of my use of these oils.
How did that happen….Trinidad & jumbles. I spoke about this in my Autobiographical Audio book Rex Lassalle &The Alchemy of TIME

What happens most times in conversations about my passion for the the Young Living oils is that the listener is hearing it from a Space of their Mercury listening i.e. what this can FIX in my life. Most people who use these oils, speak and write about it in that way. It is all about GOALS they wish to achieve and how to use and manipulate these oils to accomplish that. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, except it is a very limiting and denigrating view of the sanctity of these oils. There are also some who in the presence of my burning passion for these sacred oils. Immediately think it is a Network Marketing hustle I am on. Quite a few socalled friendships have ended when they give me such a dehumanizing response. Not realizing that these oils are a gateway to Ancestral communication and wisdom. Bless them with the distorted lens with which they see me.


I wish to Thank those of us who are engaged with this Alchemic Spring Sap Rising. That is vibrantly present around us in the Northern hemisphere. The Feelings Kit Ritual facilitates a deeper Relatedness and Harmony with the Earth at this TIME. Most certainly it opens a finer nuance to our lives and our Biological function with it.


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