Is a presentation that I am doing with the UK group OUR BIRTH JOURNEY. The event is happening this Thursday March 17th at 7 p.m. UK Time. If you are wondering what Rex could be talking about to Birth Professionals worldwide. It is quite simple, it is about Babies & Their TIME. All mothers, fathers and birth professionals when engaged with a pregnancy; the key question is “When is the baby due?”



is a special moment filled with nourishing elements that are their to sustain the baby and us adults throughout our lives. That TIME in that month when the baby is born carries the source of Emotional Fulfillment. Embracing that element, for instance and cultivating it brings that feel good experience to our lives. I have written about this in my book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME

TIME for most of us is this

It is an endless struggle of fighting against the Clock and we never have enough. We are always in the Squeeze. Between a Rock and a hard place.

Here is my poem that shows you another reality which allows you to embrace TIME as a companion, a friend.


What do I do?
Why ask it that way?
Why not ask what TIME has to say?
I never heard TIME say anything

That is because you have not been listening
You have been looking at clocks and measuring devices
When TIME is not found there
When TIME speaks you have no listening to its message

Can I ask?
Where will I find TIME messages?
TIME always appreciates your politeness
As TIME governs your life

When you come into Life and when you leave
TIME holds that key
TIME appreciates your humbleness
It allows connections to your origin

To amplify your humbleness
To show your sincerity
Move away from time management
As that exhibits your arrogance

Embrace elements that TIME brings
Elements that Sages, Rishis and holy ones were given
Their humility allowed them to receive these revelations
Epiphanies that bring you home to your essence

You came in with an element
Yes that is your essence
Oftentimes parents have no feel for them
Abuses then occur that leave many bitterly traumatised

Now pursuing ways to release that trauma
An endless conversation
Where many words exist
With ongoing descriptions and distinctions

A return to essence does not occur
Joy and happiness are deleted
From your being
Yet a grasping hunger gnaws the heart

Spiralling you into addictions
Glorifying urges that sabotage life
Chasms of doom
Now a haunting shadow.

Numbing senses with alcohol
Popping pills
Denting that gnawing heart
Holding a soulless smile on your face

Yet TIME and its essence
Are there holding the key
Waiting for You to reach out
To embrace TIME and its nourishing elements



Make this Real for me as I am curious and have no idea where to find my element.

Thank you and for sure we need to make this real for people joining my Thursday evening program here.
You can get the 3 Free Chapters from my book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME.

We now come to Babies & Their TIME and when they were born. Especially the month in which they were born.

Let’s take a look at global icons born with a 4 Wood Child Star

Here are some names; Julie Andrews, John Coltrane, Mahatma Gandhi, Agatha Christie, Patti Labelle, Greta Garbo, Johnny Mathis, Otis Redding, Carly Simon, Eddie Murphy, Sly of Sly and the Family Stone, Mariah Carey, Maya Angelou, J.S.Bach, Lisa Minelli, Nat King Cole, Marlene Dietrich, Stephen Spielberg, Dionne Warwick, Jack Kerouac, John Denver, Kris Kristofferson.

We observe they are communicators; be it with music, songs, song writing, films, novels. They carry the voice of the wind bringing its many messages.

People born with this 4 Wood Child Star are very sensitive to the tone and sound of the voice. As a baby the sound of the mothers voice and family members make a big difference to this baby and child. I need to add, as an adult it is the same. They often assess people by the tone of their voice. For instance.

This is a taste of what I will be sharing in this presentation on Thursday evening. I will also reveal how to have the elements be part of your recovery from Trauma.
I look forward to having you there.

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  1. Wonderful to read this beautiful poem just before the meeting with Our Birth Journey tomorrow 17th March. So glad to hear that Time Time Time is such a core topic for all of us. Also that the elements can show us a way through the madness of it all!


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