Sotai comes from the genius of that humble Japanese doctor Dr Keizo Hashimoto. He created this simple systematic way of approaching the challenges that the structure of our body faces as we engage with life. The fundamental core of his approach is to discover where there is ease in moving the body. Be it with the muscle, joint, limb. Then to access the discomfort or pain by moving that part of the body to where it feels easy to move.

“From my fifty years of experience I reached the firm conclusion that the movement or motion which is in the opposite direction of the
pain in other words, movement which brings a good feeling – will correct bodily deformation or imbalance.” Quote from Dr Hashimoto in 1980

I learnt this system from Herman and Cornelia Aihara at the East West Centre in London in the early 1980’s. They came to Europe to teach Sotai that year. Since then I have taught it in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Plus it is part of my toolkit in my Shiatsu treatments. I have taught it a few times here in Finland. Last time was in 2017.


Lockdowns, deaths, isolation, polarization and all the pro and con narratives has been our life for the last two years. Many of our structures have also gone into lockdown during that time. Be it physically or psychologically. We feel that time is getting short and that we should be simple rather than busy. Many of us say “busy” when we can no longer respond immediately. So what we really need is to Be Easy!

Yes, for sure, we all know that the present is challenging and complicated. 


The fundamental Law is; “What has a front side, also has a back side.” They are opposite to each other.

Therefore, the more complicated the problem, the simpler the solution!

We are exhausted from looking for complicated solutions and we are over-informed with complicated advice! But our body and its systems can no longer be balanced with complicated techniques and other complicated solutions. 

SOTAI is the really good news.

BE EASY SOTAI is a simple solution to restore our structural physical and mental balance. 


Rex, is this program only for massage therapist, body workers and students of oriental healing systems?

Not at all, this is for the young, the old, those with limited movements in their limbs. In fact this is how it began for Dr. Hashimoto after he returned from the Manchurian war. There many soldiers were badly injured. He had a big desire to help them and it is out of that situation his system was created.

Does BE EASY SOTAI Make me more flexible?

For sure it does

Those Yoga enthusiast who are seeking a big boost to their flexibility, to really take it to the next level. Be Easy Sotai is your answer. Be Easy Sotai will give you an exponential growth in your flexibility. I say that without the slightest hint of any exaggeration.



That is the beauty and adaptability of BE EASY SOTAI. It is Your Go To Self Care treat that immediately takes you into the Feel Good domain of heightened Oxytocin levels. I will show these Self Care Be Easy Sotai moves on Sunday April 10th at JOOGAKOULU SHANTI • Runeberginkatu 43 Helsiniki 00100.

Don’t be surprised on leaving my Sunday Be Easy Sotai you have a big smile on your face.

Will Be Easy Sotai have protocols for Massage Therapist?

YES! Most Certainly

Dr Hashimoto created Sotai to treat Japanese soldiers who were injured in the Manchurian war. Though he is no longer with us, his clinic continues his work treating patients. At least fifty percent of the protocols I show will be done as if you were treating a client or patient.

Is Be Easy Sotai just a new name?

No, this is very different. Totally based on Dr Hashimoto’s principles but accessing it from Marma points and Zazen meditative insights that have come to me over the last 5 years.It is done with a more relaxed approach to the breath. It evokes joy and spaciousness.

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