Here I go again sharing about the Feelings Kit Ritual. Each time I have done it…I have learnt more about its impact on my life. I gain deeper glimpses as to how and where it transforms my experiences in life. Obviously, it opens new possibilities in the experience of Life.


What is so new that you have to write about it at this time?

In all my writing and experiences of the Feelings Kit Ritual I have always mentioned its link to the Subconscious Mind.

Well readers, this is no exaggeration; my sense it is Only about the Subconscious Mind.
That is where The Feelings Kit Ritual is creating its dynamic changes.


As we all know it came from Gary Young’s research about Ancient Egyptian rituals and their transformative influence on our lives.

There is an esoteric aspect to the Feelings Kit Ritual. That immediately informs us that we need to go beyond our smart brain ways of looking at things. Instead, bring the element of surrender to the divine spark that is within us. Breath is the key hook that is linked to that Divine Spark.
As when that breathing stops, life is over and the physical body no longer has that Life force happening in it.


Why are you writing such heavy and painful experiences about life?

Well, I keep reading on digital social media how people are using this Ritual to “fix their emotions”. In other words their egocentric ego has the power and the oils are there for them to manipulate and they are in charge.

For sure many people use Young Living Oils that way and bless them. These oils are a natural “Fix it” tool when they have certain health challenges. Yes they do get results as they look at the oils through the lens of what it fixes. Holding such limitations around the effectiveness of these oils, I sense is denigrating these oils.

Anyway who am I to judge people who use it that way, that is their freedom and bless them with how they view these oils and how they use them.

What new angle did you discover Rex?

From my last episode of doing the Feelings Kit Ritual, I found that the aspect of linking awareness with my breathing when applying the oils made a difference.

When the oil is dropped in my hand I am breathing in and when applying it on my body…I am breathing out. In that way I am embodying the oil that I am using as part of my energetic wave which is then ready to be amplified when I apply it to my body.

Please don’t read that as a mechanical drill that you then do.
It is with a flow, a grace, it is with Feeling.

Feelings get the Blessings is a core truth of the Feelings Kit Ritual.

How I just described it above relates to the application of Valor at the beginning of the Ritual and then breathing out as you apply it on the sole of each foot.
The other applications are more with your fingers.

What is the Mental Overview when You are doing this Ritual?

Bring a sincere feeling of Gratitude for having these oils. As you open the bottle and sniff it do sense and imagine that a quantum wave is returning to those trees or forest in the world where it came from with gratefulness.

In the same way as the open bottle is turned onto your finger, your finger receives it with a gentle In breath. When applying it on the area or region it is with a gentle out breath.


What about achieving Goals doing this Ritual?

For sure it can be used for such a purpose and yes many people are attracted to doing this Ritual for such aims. What I have found though and this has a lot to do with Your personal trust of the oils. I am speaking about Your Relatedness to the oils. If you and the oils have this close tight relatedness, I find that blessings beyond your imagination occurs for you when no goals are set. I know this happened to a lady in America who was trying to sell her home for months at a very challenging time in the Real Estate market. It was not a goal she had with the oils yet such a blessing came to her.

Any other Lessons you learnt from doing it recently Rex?

How You feel when you do the Ritual has a major impact on the effectiveness of the Ritual.

Having that joy in your heart is important. That feeling of praise for having the opportunity to have these oils to have the time and opportunity to do it. This attitude makes a big difference. It is like the blend of oils feel how happy and joyous you are. That they amplify their good vibes back to you. I know it may sound boring to highlight the need for good feelings when doing it, after a decade of doing it regularly. It is the key.

Feelings get the Blessings is a core truth of the Feelings Kit Ritual.


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