Alchemy of Feelings Kit Ritual

How come it works?

How come it works?

Explanations were never something that I felt drawn to…in fact my parents knocked that out of me when I was a child. They would make pronouncements about what would happen in the next 72 hours when they saw certain symbolsl in the environment. However, of course as a child, I would ask. Why do you say that? They would always reply…’Child! don’t ask stupid questions’ Within that time frame or less their observations were always right. 100 per cent accuracy. In doing Aikido, my teacher Kanetsuka Sensei had a similar attitude to any question I asked him

Just Practice

Just do it!

There are those who are doing it who like to know esoteric things. Things from that domain; in their questions or comments you can sense explanations are being sought.

It is an Alchemical Process

Gary Young got the idea about the Feelings Kit Ritual from an ancient Egyptian Ritual. He did his innovations to suit modern life. Yet at the core of The Feelings Kit Ritual. It comes with a Sulphur signature, except for the Present Time aspect of the Ritual. That part of it anchors you back into the here and now, the realm of Salt in Alchemy. In my book Spa Massage for Shoulders Neck and Face, in Chapter 1 I explain the 3 principles of Alchemy; Salt, Mercury and Sulphur.

Sulphur is about the divine

Sulphur is about the Divine

In Alchemy the Sulphur aspect is about the Full Moon, sunrise, sunset, high tides, low tides. That realm where human beings have no control. The seasons, our core life force.

Valor is a Sulphur oil

Rub your feet with it…anchors you

Valor has a way with its superb blend of oils of living up to its nickname of Chiropractor in the bottle. The anointing of the soles of your feet with it; this is an act of surrender to Valor. You are grounded yet spacious.

Harmony is a Sulphur oil

You rub it along the Spinal chakrasNe

We then come to Harmony. This blend of oils then nurtures the chakras to be in sync with the cosmos through the Chakras. No will power or intensity is required. Surrender is the theme.

Release is a Sulphur oil

Releasing toxins & emotional baggage

That drop on your right ribs and you massaging it into those nodules in between your ribs. Do dissolve anxieties and frustrations from your energy field.

Forgiveness is a Sulphur Oil

Your forgiveness narrative is what sends Forgiveness to work for you

Massaging that drop of Forgiveness on your navel with your Forgiveness narrative is a request for a new dispensation

Present Time is about Salt

Announcing the time as you tap your sternum anchors you in Now

It is that day and I am doing this ritual, you are back to your physicality. The relationship that your body has with time. Right here and right now. There is nothing much to add to the dialogue, except Present Time. Finally we come to Inner Child which is all about Sulphur and opening a pathway back to that your childhood. Over to the divine for it to bring other outcomes for you as you reflect and connect with those childhood moments.

Feelings Kit Ritual is an inside job

Engage with it for transformative experiences. A gentle pathway for the divine to bless you with a new narrative.


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