Skin & Feelings Kit Ritual Day 21

Skin & Touch is it

Feelings Kit Ritual is all about skin

Feelings Kit Ritual is done by touching certain points and regions of our skin. Skin as we know, is linked to the lungs. It is part of our respiratory system. From Oriental medicine, we know about Chi, our life force. Chi nourishes us from the food we eat along with breathing. We all have experienced locations where the vibes were heavy which dented our energy. However there have been locations where our energy is uplifted by the environment. Feelings Kit Ritual nourishes our energy field. I am of the view from my personal experience that it expands our ‘auric mandala’. Where new levels of communication unfold.

Calm attitude is the key

Calm mind gets the blessings

When you are doing the Feelings Kit Ritual. It is of the utmost importance that you cultivate a calm spacious mind as you apply the oils to your skin. This brings the blessings as you are nurturing the chi of your being when you do this Ritual. Take your time and feel the difference that it brings to your being.


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Rex Lassalle