RITUALS & It’s Nurturing

Rituals with Young Living Essential Oils

I have come to the end of my Feelings Kit Ritual. Silence was asked of me over the last 7 days. Yet today, to share about the nurturing aspect of Rituals with the Young Living Oils became a ´have to´ for me!

Yet rebellion is the norm today

Regardless of toxicity I need it close

Please don’t get me wrong, at times rebellion is what is needed. I have personal experiences about rebellion when I led an Army mutiny in Trinidad in 1970. I openly share about this in my autobiographical audio book Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME. Yet there are aspects about our lives where simple rituals can make a big difference and rebellion is not needed.

Earth Mudra for deeper communication with YL Oils

Rituals are an opportunity to integrate the human with the divine. As it is something which needs renewal, even rejuvenating. I sense Rejuvenation is unconsciously trending for all of us. As we are all seeking that…it seems.

Young Living Oils are the spirit of plants

Young Living oils are the blood of the plants, trees, shrubs, herbs and fruits.
Because they are the source of communication for these botanical entities. This is what we are engaging with when we use them

Ritual begins when opening the bottle

Opening a Young Living Essential Oil bottle

Opening the bottle of YL oils is a Ritual for me. I reaffirm my connection with nature when I do this. As I hold that mudra when I open the bottle and slowly sniff it. This optimalises my olfactory system. When we smell we are connecting to the earth element in our being. One can add a word of gratitude to the essence of the plant in that bottle of oil that you sniff. Another level of communication will open for you with the oils. You would be engaging the oils with their quantum field. A deep nurturing will occur just by opening the bottle of oil with this ritual.

I look forward to your feedback and experiences.

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