What are the emotional needs for a 6 metal child star personality

I continue my sharing about each Elemental Child Star personalities this month.  

I now move to the 6 Metal Child Star personality as I follow the flow of energy for the unfolding of the 9 Stars in the Lo Shu Circle. This year the 6 Metal Child personality resides in the 5 Earth house, the house of stability. The house where being real with yourself and how things truly are in your life is being asked of you.

Let us connect with what are the emotional needs and characteristics of the 6 Metal Child  Star.  

6 Metal CHILD 

The 6 Metal child is the minimalist. Less is more with this child, but it needs to be very good quality items. They do not like cheap gifts and will more or less tell you so by rubbing the item between their fingers and showing you, it is not good quality. This is not about them being prima donnas. It is more about who they need to be respected and treated with grace and dignity along with, they are deserving of the finest.   

The 6 metal child is just being real with the person when they do that. They like certain clothes and styles and do not try to change that or persuade them otherwise, this is what works for them. It is not only consumer items as regards quality; it is also about books and what they read. Very often comparing one book to the other and then telling you, which one is more accurate than the other on a subject is something that they will often do. 

At some level many people when interacting with a 6 metal child feel as if they are talking to some old person, not a child as they can have such clear opinions about many things. They like things to be done with honour and with integrity and they will do their best to honour and follow the request of their parents as a child. This does not mean that when they become an adult they will do so. They may be very rebellious if they felt this was imposed upon them and no options or choices were offered to them.  

It makes a big difference for the 6 metal child that their bedroom is tidy and spacious. Clutter below their beds, items strewn on the floor can impact on their health and emotional state.  They can come over as being a shy child, this can be true, but do not think that they are not aware of your presence and what you are doing or not doing. Their awareness of their environment can be eagle-like.  

Bedtime stories are a must for this child as having peace of mind before they go to sleep is crucial for them.  

It is good when the parent or guardian is reading the bedtime story that they have their hand on them, be it on their feet or even holding them close as it is read. This is very reassuring for the 6 Metal child.  

They have a very definite manner with their words, what I call “coming to the bottom line effortlessly with few words.” Margaret Thatcher was a perfect example of this as was the American news reporter Walter Cronkite.

 This quality comes to the fore when they are pushed into the corner because of some controversial statement. Both Cronkite and Thatcher were 6 Metal child personalities. 

Ernest Hemingway wrote from this minimalist approach. He operated from his 6 Child star as the Macho image and lifestyle was an important need of his psyche. His adult star was the 2 Earth, which is a feminine star.  

The 6 metal child is very direct with their needs, if they are hungry, they will tell you and organizing the food for them needs to happen there and then. They do have a need for friends but should the friendship be not one, which is based on loyalty and truthfulness. Their tendency in these situations is to walk away from such friendships and cut their relationship with those children and even families. They do not like flashy clothes, preferring clothes that have a classic cut from a good quality fabric is what pleases them. They can be very sensitive to the environment and may even have a psychic quality with it. They do not view this as anything special thinking that is the norm for everyone. They can be very thorough in their approach to doing things, very much like a responsible adult seeking to have things completed.  

For the 6 Metal girl, the transition to being a woman can be one of curiosity and bewilderment. It is obviously to the benefit of the 6 Metal child that her mother or guardian informs her of the hormonal change that will occur. Once it has, the 6 Metal girl goes with the flow, except now she tends to have a need to get acknowledgement from boys and men as to who she is. This can have some aspect of flirtatiousness about it. It can be light and one of ease for her providing she has the support and love of her parents especially her mother in this phase of being a young teenager. This need is really arising from seeking the confidence she had as a young girl before the hormonal shift that happened to her. That confidence of “knowing and being” somehow changes when the monthly cycle begins with 6 Metal girls. The demand of being reassured emotionally becomes more prevalent. Should they be introduced to spiritual aspects of life be it with prayer, the elemental forces of nature or even a religious practice and can engage with it? This then will be very inspiring for them, especially if there is some guidance from the parents or elder.  

This need for acknowledgement can take the 6 Metal girl into codependent relationships.   

To the extent that later in life even when knowing that their partner has an addiction or some major inadequacy. Oftentimes they can readily become a supporter or sponsor of their partner’s dysfunctional lifestyle. The major challenge for the 6 Metal girl is one of self-esteem. This feeling of inadequacy, which often begins as a teenager can have her seeking solutions for this through cosmetic surgery. This can become a way of life for some especially if their financial situation affords it. The American singer and songwriter Dolly Parton is an example. There are some tragic world personalities who because of their traumatic childhood somehow remained like that for the rest of their lives. Yet gave us memorable moments of song and love; Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday are two 6 Metal child ladies who lived such a life. 

Please do not for one minute think that 6 Metal Child women are doomed to misery without fulfilment. 

Joni Mitchell is a 6 Metal Child Star personality and is viewed as the most successful songwriter of the late 20th century period. Plus she has explored many genres of music with an authority where most top musicians view it as an honour and privilege to accompany her or to be in a recording studio with her. I will write more about her in my next blog about 6 the Metal Child star residing in the 5 Earth house. 

Oftentimes the 6 Metal child be it boy or girl will have something that engages their focus; be it a subject at school or a hobby. They will then become very skilful and proficient with this. 

This assurance of “knowing and being” will once more become evident when this is happening in their lives. 

 At the core of their lives, they always have a need for some value system that they can honour. This can be from old family values, religious or spiritual ones or even a code of their own that is ethical. This honouring of values remains a core part of who they are. I do wish to emphasize that when it is not in place for the adult with a 6 Metal child star, then a tragic life oftentimes occurs. Some obvious examples of this are; President Batista, John De Lorean automobile manufacturer and Diana Dors; all the above individuals’ approach to life was very self-centered as to what served their needs.  The other side of the coin are those who held and promoted values and ethics, people like Carl Jung, Vanessa Redgrave,  Dag Hammarskjold, and Jackie Robinson are some obvious names that come to mind.  

Famous 6 Metal Child personalities are; Shirley Bassey, Carlos Santana, Clark Gable, William Holden, Jackie Robinson, Vanessa Redgrave, Kevin Costner, Dolly Parton, Moliere, Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Allende, Margaret Thatcher, Johnny Carson, Walter Cronkite, Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Paul Newman, Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur, Lenin, John De Lorean, John Lennon, Pele, Albert Camus, Dan Rather, David Ben Gurion, Diana Dors, Vivien Leigh, John Le Carre, David Frost, Dag Hammarskjold,  Linda Lovelace, Sugar Ray Robinson, Emanuel Swedenborg, Dusty Springfield, Bessie Smith, Claudia Cardinale. Doris Lessing, Bill Gates, Pierre Trudeau, Franz Liszt. Domenico Modugno

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  1. So wonderful To have these insights as a mother ; themes to deepen communication and understanding with my family. Giving me a frame to deepen and expand my listening. Thanks Rex.


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