What are your emotional needs for 2021?

Yes readers, this month, I will address this question for all Child Star patterns in 2021.

Our 6 Metal Month of January 2021 gives us a very good peek as to what 2021 holds for us. The 6 Metal Star is the only Star that offers a hint of what the year would be like in January, before the 6 Metal Star year begins on February 4th 2021.

Just before the end of the year 2020, I was invited to do a Zoom meeting with my Sibelius Child Star group. We chatted and shared for more than 90 minutes.One of the dominant questions that arose in that Zoom session was “How to skillfully relate emotionally with my Child Star when it changes the house in which it resides each month?” I promised to address this request and finally here it is.

I think it is best I do this in stages as those in my Sibelius group would know about the characteristics of the 4 Wood Child Star personality as would many former students who attended my classes over more than four decades. I am well aware that is a very exclusive group of people.  That time has come for me to share these insights and research about how TIME is a core contributor to our essential being and how we function in the world. Our Child Star gives us very clear and accurate insights as to our core Emotional needs. This is a very different perspective about what shapes our psyche as human beings.

I am stating that comes out of the Alchemy of TIME. Yes readers that thing called TIME, that Unseen dimension which we identify as 24/7 is in fact much vaster than such a restricted view which we have been conditioned to accept. I view TIME as very much like an iceberg. What we see i.e. the clock ticking and giving us the time is only the tip of the iceberg. That 90%, the Unseen is where this wisdom resides and comes from.

By the way, for those readers of my blog who would like to know what their Child Star is, you can dowload the first three chapters from my book “Your EMOTIONS & The Alchemy of TIME”. You will get to know your Child Star pattern there. If you’d like the first three chapters of the English version of the book, you can get download them here. If you’d like the first three chapters in either German, French or Italian, you can grab which ever one you like here.

Here is the text on the 4 Wood Child Star from my recently published book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME. Before reading this, let me be absolutely clear. Though it is called the Child Star and Yes it relates to the first 18 years of your life; your childhood and teenage years. Your Child Star is where your Emotional needs are satisfied and fulfilled as an Adult. Please do not ignore reality, thinking it is not connected to you as an adult. It does, totally so.

For parents, teachers and counsellors, you will find many tips and suggestions as to how best to relate and bond with children who have the 4 Wood Child Star. Please engage with the guidance that is shared, it will make a difference as you would be relating to their essence.


4 Wood Children are good communicators. They have the gift of the “gab”, they can be a lawyer in a class of school children and can argue from many viewpoints. They assess people by the tone of their voice. This is very important for parents and teachers to be conscious of, as ignoring this need of the 4 wood child can create many stubborn and rebellious responses in such a child. Shouting at a 4 wood child is traumatic for them. In correcting a 4 wood child the words can be harsh and blunt but the tone of voice in which they are delivered need to have a peaceful quality to it. Bedtime stories are very important for the 4 wood child. Bedtime stories nourish their imaginations and give it a focus. Otherwise, they will go to bed with some story in their mind, which could have arisen from some disturbing event that day or even a transformative pleasant experience. Without any curious dialogue from the parents or guardian before bedtime the 4 Wood child will tend to add their own creative twist to what happened that day. Such creative “twists” can lead them to cultivating illusionary views about life. They then create their own imaginative ways of responding and reacting to situations that can easily have no reference to ethical behaviour.  

The parent of a 4 wood boy when he is about 9 to 10 years of age need to keep an eye on him as older girls will have a big crush on him and project emotional needs to him. Girls who are 13, 14 or even older will want to be his close friend, because of the way he talks.  Though he is magnetic with his words, he is now swimming in a current that he is unable to swim in; charming as it is to the teenage girls. Emotionally this is totally outside of his league. Of course, if the boy has a speech impediment then such would not be the case for him and this can lead to psychological and emotional issues later in life. Mike Tyson the boxer is an example of this. 

The 4 Wood girl has it in another way which comes over in a more assertive manner. The 4 Wood girl needs to be encouraged to create stories and to express herself verbally.  Should this be avoided, and she pursues more sports or other activities that do not involve words, then certain insecurities can arise for the 4 wood girl. She can then have feelings of inadequacy along with feeling that she is not attractive and a dysfunctional aggressive girl can arise from such experiences. Tennis Champion Jennifer Capriati comes to mind as someone who has had such difficulties. Of course, I have no specific information about her childhood, but such behaviour can occur with this pattern. 

Then there was the very sad dysfunctional life of Susan Smith born September 26th 1971 in South Carolina U.S.A. who murdered her two sons. Her father committed suicide when she was six. Her stepfather molested her when she was thirteen and continued to have a dysfunctional relationship with him. She attempted suicide when she was eighteen years. She got married had two sons in a very rocky marriage and in 1994 she committed the murder of her two sons. Susan as is obvious from reading about her life had mental health issues that led to this very tragic incident.  There is Ian Brady born January 2nd 1938 the mass murderer who had the 9 Fire Adult Star and the 4 Wood Child Star. He was involved with numerous murders in Britain in the period 1963 to 1965.  Then we have this amazing story of Samantha Smith born June 29 1972. Samantha was a 4 Wood Child. She expresses the inspiring human potential character of a 4 Wood Child Star individual. She was ten years old when she saw the cover of Time magazine of November 22nd 1982. This had the photo of Yuri Andropov on the front cover. He was the leader of the Soviet Union at the time. This was a period when the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union was intense and the media carried many stories of a possible nuclear war. Samantha viewed the edition and asked her mother whether he really wanted to have a war and why people are so afraid of him. Maybe someone should write to him to ask him if this is so. Her mother replied, “Why don’t you write to him.” Samantha did and her letter was published in the Soviet newspaper Pravda some months later. On April 26 1983, Andropov wrote to her and she was invited to visit the Soviet Union with her parents, which she did on July 7th 1983 for two weeks.  This is the boldness of the 4 Wood Child being “touched by the wind” that some sound has to be made after being so touched. I guess one can say after that note is played there is one that just has to follow. Samantha Smith was such a 4 Wood Child that inspired people in the Soviet Union and America by her initiative. 

The vocal expression of the 4 Wood Child needs to be cultivated and encouraged. This child needs to chat; they have a need to talk, they need to chat about what is happening in their life, about their feelings and especially about the impressions that they have. A good strategy to use in the busy lives that parents have these days is to ask the child to write a story about the things that are happening in their daily life and when the parent is back on evenings the child can read the story for the parent and it can be discussed. It is important that the parent gives quality time for this. The 4 Wood child has a fantastic imagination. They are more or less living in the “ethers” with their imagination in all these worlds that they inhabit.  When these “ethers” are not linked with words that are shared with someone and instead remain buried. These buried “ethers” can create many dysfunctional and even aggressive expressions later in life.   If the parent is not connected with the 4 Wood child and is very distant from the child even though they are living in the same house. This can create problems for the parent or parents. A 4 Wood child who is disconnected from their parents is then operating in a world where it is picking up on thoughts and anxieties of the parent. It can start verbalizing these or creating stories from them at home as if the child has “lost it.” The 4 Wood child is not conscious that what it is verbalizing is related to the parents. This of course can trigger feelings of paranoia and other emotional and mental insecurities for the parent. The parent is the one who gets impacted with this, as for the child these are just stories that are floating around. This can drive parents into being neurotic. When a 4 wood girl goes through the transition from girl to becoming a woman with her first menstrual cycle; this trigger from the moon and cosmic system onto her endocrine system has now created another level of communication. That subtle ether sparked its influence on the biological systems of her body. This creates a new dimension of the “wind blowing the leaf.”  This can open a psychic altered reality door that can sometimes become a part of the 4 Wood girl’s life. She is now part of nature, like all girls are when this happens. Except with the 4 wood girl these other aspects can often be present. It is imperative that the parents’ bond with her when this is happening with a listening and receptivity as to her needs. Obviously, it is much easier for her mother to be the one that is there for her, as the mother knows about this experientially.  If she has been orientated about this coming experience, it can be a very beautiful moment for the 4 wood girl. This can be a heightened creative time for the 4 wood girl. It is a moment in her life when she should be encouraged to write stories, paint, draw or generate some other creative expressions. From this a blossoming confidence can arise in the young girl becoming a woman. Significant and memorable artistic creations can manifest.  If the mother or an elder female is missing from her life, the father or male guardian needs to have a good connection with the feminine principle in his life to facilitate a supportive and smooth transition for his 4 wood daughter. The producing of blood from the girl initiates unconsciously a link with the elemental forces of the earth. This aspect of who she is now has a relation of returning to earth and being a woman. Life can give her that gift in this transition. That it will happen i.e. the gift. I am not saying this will happen but it could.  She can start getting the “messages”, information about the future or of people around her. This has a quality of beauty and grace for the child providing the parents are not in denial that life has this aspect to it. If the parents are in denial of this then it can be a very traumatic time for the 4 wood girl. She can put on a lot of weight, feel lost in life and start sabotaging herself with low self-esteem habits and characteristics. This can create an obsessive narcissus response and bulimia or anorexia can manifest. If the 4 wood child starts grinding their teeth at night when they sleep then the child has a big problem, be it boy or girl. There is some issue bothering the child at some level or some conflict that is not resolved.  The 4 Wood Child does have the ability to adjust, when the emotional needs are denied. They will seek out friends who have a similar sensitivity where they can share that world with them. They can be attracted to melancholic music; blues, lyrical music. They live inside with feelings of sadness and melancholy. At times cultivating a lyrical type of sadness with their inner chatter.  Amy Winehouse compositions and styles show this, as does Nat King Cole singing along with Mariah Carey and Dionne Warwick as well as Marlene Dietrich. I would highly suggest that you take a few minutes and watch and listen to Marlene Dietrich sing the song Falling in Love Again.

That capacity to fully enroll you with what she is singing is present as she opens her mouth. A mesmerizing quality is ever present as she does her rendition of this song.  Totally expressing the 4 Wood child communicative skills.  Obviously, one cannot forget the inimitable Otis Redding and his ‘I have got dreams to remember” Yes, in this song he is referring to the pain of seeing his woman in another man’s arms. That line “I have got dreams to remember” can be one that becomes an indelible mark of some experience that a 4 Wood Child can have. That refers to a myriad of possible experiences that could have left an unforgettable episode on their psyche. In a way all of Otis Redding’s song writing is about emotional memories that keep stirring our hearts throughout our lives. Be it those of personal relationships or of places and experiences that we have had. His sitting on the dock of the bay is his signature song. 

In it he captures the nature of life with time and the waves of the sea, which can easily be the waves of life experiences. He is speaking to a bigger dimension of our unconscious that has a universal theme. 

Famous 4 Wood Personalities  Will Smith, Julie Andrews, John Coltrane, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Douglas, Agatha Christie, Patti Labelle, Greta Garbo, Tarja Kaarina Halonen, Thor Heyerdahl, Johnny Mathis, Charlton Heston, Otis Redding, Carly Simon, Paavo Nurmi, Kathleen Turner, Michael Caine, Gina Lollobrigida, Brigham Young, Eddie Murphy, Keith Richards, Sly of Sly and the Family Stone, Vincent Van Gogh, Mariah Carey, Gloria Steinem, Mika Hakkinen, Takeo Miki, John Major, Michelangelo, Stephanie Saint-Clair, Amy Winehouse, Nat King Cole, Dionne Warwick, Marlene Dietrich.

Famous Finnish 4 Wood Personalities Tuomas Holopainen Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Minna Canth Writer, women’s rights activist, Heikki Ritavuori assassinated politician, Veikko Karvonen Olympic Gold Medalist in marathon,  Hannes Kolehmainen Gold Medalist in middle distance running, Tarja Kaarina Halonen President, Juhani Peltonen first Finnish footballer to play in the Bundesliga, Pernilla Karlsson Eurovision Singer, Ilmari R. Salminen Olympic gold medalist in 10K, Joonas Kolkka Soccer player 98 appearances on the national team, Toivo Aarne Loukola Olympic Gold Medallist in steeplechase, Vilho Tuulos Olympic gold medalist in the triple jump, Mika Hakkinen Formula 1 Champion 98 & 99, Aatos Erkko Publisher/Journalist Wealthy businessman, Risto Orko Film producer, Max Jakobson Diplomat UN representative, Petri Pasanen soccer player, Paavo Nurmi Olympic Gold Medallist, Mari Kiviniemi Prime Minister, Aulis Rytkönen  first professional soccer player from Finland, Tero Pitkämäki World champion Javelin thrower, Raimo Helminen Ice hockey player, Risto Näätänen neuroscientist/ psychologist. 

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