2021 embraces the 6 metal star

As time passes and the years, months, weeks, days, hours minutes and seconds unfold behind all of that is your biology.

Rex, what are you talking about, which planet are you coming from?

Don’t push me out of context and view me with such strange projections. There are many models that are used in healing our bodies, minds and beings. There is the Western Medical model with its anatomy and physiology. There is the Oriental System of Acupuncture and herbs where the model that is used to define how the body functions are linked to Yin and Yang and Chi. Behind that viewpoint is the energetic interaction of the five elements and how that impacts our lives. Also from Asia, there is the Vedic system of healing called Ayurveda where the body and its function is looked at through the three doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are three very prominent systems of healing and medicine, which are now very dominant globally. Obviously, there are numerous others many of them linked to the indigenous people of our continents.  

In the domain of Time, the dominant model or more accurately the only model that is present is the 24/7 one. Period. So when I write or speaking about the Alchemy of TIME, I am obviously speaking to myself with a few curious onlookers of former students, clients and friends. Obviously, it is viewed as very delusional. 

In life, many things are viewed as THE REALITY, which really means the consensus view that the majority of people hold. In the last decade, this consensus view is very much dictated by media agendas. Anything that is outside of these media-dominated perspectives is viewed as pseudo along with other denigrating projected terms, which are outside of those “mainstream anchored orientations.” 

Obviously, this then limits our imagination and creativity if we buy into these mainstream projections.

Instead of some of my readers think I am getting into making some major social commentary or stirring the pot to create some controversy I am not.

Let me simplify it and speak about it from my childhood experience as regards the narrative that was shared with me by my parents. My mother always told me “Rex, 13 is a lucky number, don’t ever forget that”. Now the consensus view in Trinidad was that 7 was a lucky number and that 13 was an unlucky one. Plus my mother showed me time and time again how it was lucky as she often won games of chance using that number. Especially when it was Friday 13th. My father had a favourite mantra that he kept repeating to me especially when I bought into something that was presented in the media. Yes, readers, this was going on in the 1950s in my life. His mantra to me was “Rex, you believe that?” Immediately asking me to think through what I was reading rather than sucking it in as gospel. 

I guess, you could say it is part of my DNA.

Let me stay with my topic and not get caught up with all of those manipulations that surround us.

Anyhow there is a model of looking at Time which the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans use to call the 9 Star Ki system of Time. Often expressed in the Japanese format as 9 Star Ki Astrology. By the way, I have seen some text, which shows that the Tibetan Bon people were using this system some eighteen thousand years ago. I will stay with the Japanese orientation, as that is where I got my information. I first came upon this model of Time in the summer of 1973 in Dublin Ireland. My interest and curiosity about this system started back then and there is not a day since then that my mind has not engaged with its many intricacies. So much so that I have written three books on this topic.

In this model of Time each year, month and day is connected to one of the 9 Stars. Personally, I engage with the years and months in great detail. The days pass so quickly that on odd occasions I explore what is happening on a particular day. 

The year that is ahead of us 2021 it is a 6 Metal Star year. This year begins on February 4th and goes till February 3rd 2022.


What is the 6 Metal star about?

It is about Minimalism, in a way the 6 Metal Star is Zen. Things stand by themselves as they are. There is a demand for SPACE that the 6 Metal Star brings to our consciousness and awareness. That honouring of Space fosters feelings of responsibility to our environment. Shoulders are for sure symbols of responsibility which when present allows greater flexibility and receptivity. Clearly showing connections to the wrist and elbows. The Large Intestine meridian runs from the forefinger along your arms across your shoulders and terminates at the edge of the nostrils. Issues showing up this year linked to these body parts will indicate that your relationship with the 6 Metal Star is not a harmonious one. 

Obviously, this is an innate need that becomes ever-present in such years. As readers know, this is a system that is biologically based; the organ that is linked to the 6 Metal Star is the Colon. The function of letting go of eliminating waste is all part of the function that the large intestine encompasses. If we are to take a broader look at its function and look at it through the eyes of Ayurveda, the colon is the source of the Vata dosha in the body. 

It is the dosha that is linked to wind to the air to movement. Indicating that there can be an underlying restlessness in our beings if we are not grounded and embrace daily routines. 

The Colon is involved in the absorption of water and electrolytes. Bile secretions are broken down here, showing the control aspect that Metal organs have on Wood organs. Lungs and large intestine are metal organs and they control Wood organs the liver and gall bladder.

Rex…Why are you getting into all this biology relationship with the 6 Metal Star, I thought you were telling us about 2021?

Again, this big rush and everything in a CLICK! Our lives are not a Click and for sure the interrelationship that we have with Nature is not a Click. TIME and our experience of it are linked with life on earth and the relationship that our body has to Nature and to TIME, the seasons, the weather, the food, our activities to name a few. In having an in-depth awareness of these functions will give us clues as to how experiences in that year will unfold and the energetic drift that will be expressed. 

What else can we learn from the Large Intestine? 

Well, its immediate physiological link in the body is to the Small Intestine. The Small Intestine is the key link to our core digestive process; the Small Intestine is a Fire organ. It functions best with food that is warm or if not then has spices or herbs that bring fire to the digestive system. Being conscious of drafts and cold winds in your environment will surely have a big impact on your health and well being in 2021. For those of us living in the Northern hemisphere, be always cautious when an East Wind is blowing during this year it can easily deplete your Immune System. 

Another hint that the 6 Metal Star is giving us is that 90% of its impact is hidden. When we look at a Zen garden we see the end result of its minimalism and spaciousness. The hours upon hours and even more hours that have gone into its creation is not spoken about or shared. In the same way, there are bigger depths of influence that the 6 Metal star has. 

It has links to your Microbiomes, which are housed in your Colon. These cells create dialogues with your brain through neural routes. The vagus nerve is a key link in creating this communication between the gut and brain. This impacts our moods and behaviour via metabolic activity arising from our diet and lifestyle. These microbiomes thrive when our diet carries a wide range of biodiversity along with us spending time in nature. 

As we come out of 2020 and its numerous restrictions to step into 2021 we immediately realize that we all need an upgrade to embrace 2021.

YES, I am well aware that I am sounding very different from all the people who have written about the glories of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Folks, I have nothing to say about that as it has not been a focus in my life. 9 Star Ki has been and this is what I can write about and share. 

I like to keep my feet very much on the ground, Earth is my home and relating to her is what is relevant. My feet on the ground and sitting on mother Earth, this is what I SEE coming into 2021. I see many communities globally have moved into poverty; millions of people have lost their jobs. Sickness has grown as the media has kept us focused on a virus when in fact people have also been dying from many other illnesses during this period. Though we seldom ever hear that people die from the myriad of illnesses from which we suffer. Clearly indicating that there is a level of global mental and emotional toxicity that we have never experienced before. This is where 7.8 Billion people are standing before the 2021 gate. Please don’t jump to the conclusion I am some prophet of doom. No way that is so and as you read I do make many suggestions for us to alter that as individuals. The most important aspect is that personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing is the key. 

Yes, besides the question about Jupiter/Saturn, which I have no answer for there was “what you sense about 2021?”  

I have this to say. Chaos at the start of the year, subconsciously the global community wants to RUSH OUT of 2020 to something different and new but without having any road map as to how that new will look. Finding jobs would be intense and cutthroat as the basic survival need will be there. Health issues beyond the virus will arise. Of course, it is all going to be presented as Covid 19 when in fact mental and emotional health issues will become very dominant. 

Other positions of authority will arise, as the need to be ethical will be there. So new “leaders” will come on to the world stage, more than likely Greta Thunberg’s profile will rise even higher because of some major weather events in March 2021. We may see her dominating headlines through April addressing even many more social and political platforms. 

In the same way that people were locked away and had to wear masks and keep washing their hands all of this has had major impacts on our psyche and self-expression. Do expect major creative expressions in the world of music and songwriting and new genres will be borne. Indigenous music and rhythmic styles will gain greater influence. 

The Earth is a living being with its ongoing changes as the season’s change will also show a much stronger face in the times of Equinoxes and Solstices. Expect the months of March, June, September and December to carry a presence where we will often have to sit back as the earth shows her power. Am I scaring people with these statements, don’t be. Our subconscious mind and our honouring it and nourishing it with virtuous thoughts and expressions need to be embraced. Especially just before surrendering to sleep and those thirty minutes when arising on mornings to a new day. Honouring those periods will make a profound difference in our lives and can surely further our dreams and aspirations. 

I will write more about this in many posts in the coming weeks and months. Those two periods in our daily lives hold sacred keys for us to navigate the coming years and especially beginning in 2021. There is a new space that has opened for us; for sure we need to move out of all that toxicity that filled it in 2020. Goes without saying many will hold on to their 2020 narratives with frustration, anger, grief etc. Moving on from that is an important step we all need to take to embrace new possibilities in our lives.

I end with this observation

It is only from the lesson of Poverty we can learn abundance. It is from the lesson of disease we discover health. From the lesson of deprivation and lockdowns, we seek freedom and self-expression. 

This indicates that we are very much in a time of SEEDS. 

These 3 seeds are now boiling in the human psyche to burst forth. Obviously, that is arising from the domain of Nature our human nature. After the winter there is spring where seeds can’t help but burst forth. 

The homogenized herd in the pen is to a great extent how 2020 has been social. More than likely some may say that is a distorted observation on my part. It seems certain to be corrected by those who have seen the “Light”.

We let that be how it is and return to the 6 Metal Star year of 2021 and embrace the sacredness of our Sub Conscious minds.

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