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‘Rex has produced what I would call the first handbook to self-discovery and parenting that has ever been written. He guides you through the mire of patterns in your life and shows you the roadmap of how to free you from yourself and furthermore nurture your children in a way that one would imagine our ancestors may have done. This is the chance to remember who we are and pass that to our children and create a better word in the process.

He starts by honing in on the characteristics of the Child Star to such precision you could see yourself jump from the page waving in earnest to be noticed. Of course, you can take it or leave it but it will resonate with you in some way, as Rex is most learned in the 9 Star Ki system. I found myself seeing me reflected back to me in his words and could relate to his interpretation most profoundly. Being a mother, I actually saw my children in his words even before I used the chart to see which Star Child they came under. It proved correct in each case. 

It was fascinating to see ways in which to parent children on a whole other level. A level of nurturing the very spirit of your children, their creativity and the aspects usually ignored in favour of ‘right behaviour’. What could be more wonderful than drawing the utmost best out of your child, nurturing their self-expression so they feel and know their place on this earth from a very early age, and stand strong in that. Could this be a Bible for parents?

Imagination is a powerful tool, that is nothing new, but here Rex uses it address trauma in a most original and powerful way, to lead you to your Self. It is quite something to discover that the practices he advocates are very simple, especially when we live in a world that can be seen as busy, hard and in constant ‘doing’. They may seem unorthodox to some, but how will change come about if we are using the same tried and tested methods. A particular method of burning notes relating to trauma struck me as very powerful, having experience of this and I wonder if the author had ever studied Kabbalah.

We are led to childhood from pregnancy with Rex conveying the virtues of a mother bonding with her child during pregnancy in a purposeful regular way. It stands to reason that regular bonding would develop not only a relationship between mother and child but with the wider world when that child is born and thus birth is not a shock. 

Rex takes you on a healing journey from your childhood to that of your child. Could this be the catalyst for change from a consumer society to a holistic world, that we have all been searching for? A sure way to not re-visit the sins of the fathers as it were. If everyone read this book and it became a practice, we will be looking at a society that has human being at the heart, true human being, the true Self.’ 

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