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I would love to say that The Alchemy of Time is a great book to read, however I’d be lying. The fact is that it’s a phenomenal book. It’s written with heart and with a deep intention to serve and awaken, yet it also carries a beautiful simplicity. Within its simplicity are profound statements of truth and practical exercises which offer the opportunity to bring our Self and our relationships into a state of balance.

Whilst this book contains many gems of wisdom for the parent and parent-to-be, it is equally valuable for anyone who wishes to overcome limiting emotional patterns and embrace themselves with love. Rex Lassalle has brought together wisdom and experience gathered over many decades, and his perspective and mastery is evident throughout every page. I loved the many gifts and surprises that waited for me on every page. It was a joy to read, and I know it will become one of your treasures.

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Rex Lassalle