Christelle De Meester, Shiatsu practitioner and Feng Shui specialist

Rex, I am grateful to the cosmos I have had the honor to have met you, as your endlessly insightful wisdom and deep knowledge about Shiatsu, the Nine Star Ki and life itself have given me, time and again, new insights of the cosmic connections.

Unfortunately all this knowledge about the cosmic dimensions have almost disappeared from our world. But you make invisible visible so that new life – chi – can flow in all of us.

Your books are a practical guide in my work as a Shiatsu practitioner and Feng Shui specialist. By studying your books, I have created new insights and skills to refine the healing process of myself and my patients. You are learning us all how to cope with, accept and transform our deepest emotions and most difficult challenges.

Your knowledge is our safe haven.  

Christelle De Meester, Shiatsu practitioner and Feng Shui specialist, Waregem, Belgium

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Rex Lassalle