Robert Süss, Consult Coaching Trainer

I remember very well in 1984 when I met Rex the first time during his Shiatsu teaching at the Kushi Institut Amsterdam. The macrobiotic studies opened my consciousness for other dimensions but finally it was Rex who threw me out of my life. Since he was encouraging me more than thirty years ago to became a Shiatsu practitioner, thousands of people consulted me as therapist, macrobiotic nutritionist and as coach for executives like the recent ten years. I don’t have words for my gratitude for his teaching, mentoring, friendship and his endless effort to share his wisdom and insights in bodywork and  Nine Star Ki. I simply don’t now any other person with such deep earth grounded roots and such far reaching spiritual channels. Holding Rex first book Grasshopping Through Time in my hands I realized a treasure resulting in a totally new access to Nine Star Ki. Being involved in work with human beings and diagnosing people and circumstances his book becomes a kind of bible to me. Using the cycle of transformation, yin and yang and Grasshopping, it widened my experience in finding the problem. And right now Rex tops his work with his second book The Time Of Your Life which is dealing very much with finding the solution. I truly know that Rex inspired so many lives over decades as he is inspiring me, one more time to look at a brand-new angle to prepare the soil for our human development.

Dear reader, Rex book is highly recommended and my suggestion is simple: chew each sentence very well, digest it and read it again.  

Robert Süss, Consult Coaching Trainer, Vienna Austria

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