Francesca Cagliari, Mathematics professor

I participated in Rex Lassalle’s seminar in Pistoia in November 2015.

I found the workshop very inspiring and interesting. There were two aspects that particularly struck me, besides the great kindness and attention that Rex gave to all the participants.

Firstly, what I understood from what Rex presented was:

  1. Each has their own way of dealing with life, which can be completely different and opposite to that of another person.
  2. There are no universal rules, but only individual paths that, if heeded and followed, can lead to a peaceful and fruitful life.
  3. This requires an absence of judgment toward others and especially towards ourselves.
  4. This involves a deep listening for us to realize this.

The second aspect, linked to the first, is that these highways that we all walk along allow us to  have different tools and deviations to choose from, ultimately arising from the two Star numbers of our birthdate.

The two numbers in question,  which will be positive integers between 1 & 9,  have an association to the 5 Elements and provide sufficient information a clear assessment of each individual.
Compared to other similar disciplines, it seems to me that the interpretations in Rex’s approach are simpler: these are master branches, and this resonates a lot with my way of being and understanding of life.

I was pleasantly surprised at the clarity of the information: everything that was communicated has gone deep into my mind, and is a source of profound knowledge that has become a part of my resources. 

Prof. Francesca CagliariMathematics professorBologna UniversityItaly

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