Naomi Osaka’s Baby

Naomi made the announcement that she is expecting a baby this year on January 11th 2023, she did not indicate which month that will be.

Who is Naomi Osaka through the eyes of the Alchemy of TIME lens

Here is something that I wrote about her in 2021

From her birth she has an Adult Star of 3 Wood and a Child Star of 6 Metal.

What is the 6 Metal Child Star?

Here are some aspects of her personality

This text comes from my book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME

6 Metal Child Star

The 6 Metal Child is the minimalist. Less is more with this child, but it needs to be very good quality items. They do not like cheap gifts and will more or less tell you so by rubbing the item between their fingers and showing you it is not good quality. This is not about them being prima donnas it is more that who they are need to be respected and treated with grace and dignity and that they are deserving of the finest. 

Who is Cordae Amari Dunston

He is the father of her baby to be

He was born August 26 1997

This gives him a 3 Wood Adult Star with an 8 Earth Child Star

Here is the Circle that shows the pattern of their 3 Wood Adult Star

Both their Child Stars are located in the North of the Circle

This clearly indicates that the aspect of parents, grand parents and ancestors are dominant themes in their private dialogue.

If I am not mistaken when they started dating one of the first things that Cordae did was to drive out of state for Naomi to meet his grandma. In fact he wrote a rap song as to how important ancestors are to him.

If I may confer with him this attitude is a Virtuous Action that creates Extraordinary Moments in life. Well aware that honoring and acknowledging the important role that plays in our lives is no longer how it is for the majority of us.

His 8 Earth Child Star easily supports her 6 Metal Child Star

Hence her leaning on him through her Mental health challenges.

So Where is the challenge in her pregnancy?


Naomi and Cordae are an integral part of social media that is where their support and big fan base resides and they need to keep that source happy and well informed. Hence her photo of her baby to be

Why is this a problem?

Electronic Toxicity has been shown to contribute to many challenges for babies who were carried when their mother was pregnant with them. Especially when the bedroom where the mother slept had wifi present

Some friends and students have told me do not write about such things around pregnancy as you are scaring mothers to be.

I am well aware why they tell me this. It is because you hardly ever see any media outlets writing or speaking about this. Unless you go diving deep to find it.

I am writing about this from a place of support, care and knowledge. This is because this was given to me by my grandmother and how she cared for me when I was in my mother’s belly. Naomi and Cordae it is from my Ancestral realm that I am sharing this with you. Yes she was an Indigenous traditional healer who had 13 children. I was my granny’s baby

I will be making suggestions about how Cordae and You can connect with that Cosmic Intelligence that is at the core of your pregnancy. Here is the info that you need to know about. As there are ways to manage the toxicity of Electro Magnetic Frequencies which is part of our daily lives now.

I will share these guidlines of how to connect with that Cosmic Intelligence which will support your Subconscious Mind and nourish your baby to be in the process. For those who want a preview of where that guidance will come from. You can get it from my book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME

Those who know Naomi and Cordae do share this blog with them. It comes with love and support from me and the Orinoco Flows Community

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