Before I go there and get into those details of the last 5 months from May 2021 of her life.

Let us take a look at who she is through the lens of the Alchemy of TIME

She was born 16th October 1997

This gives her an Adult Star of 3 Wood and a Child Star of 6 Metal.

The first eighteen years of her life she was connected with the influence of the 6 Metal Child Star.

What is the 6 Metal Child Star?

Here are some aspects of their personality

This text comes from my book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME

Do remember that though it is a Child Star profile, this aspect of someone remains ever present as an adult. This star is what your emotional self is about both as a child and as an adult. Do not for one minute think this is only present in childhood, not at all. It is ever present.

6 Metal Child Star

The 6 Metal Child is the minimalist. Less is more with this child, but it needs to be very good quality items. They do not like cheap gifts and will more or less tell you so by rubbing the item between their fingers and showing you it is not good quality. This is not about them being prima donnas it is more that who they are need to be respected and treated with grace and dignity and that they are deserving of the finest. 

By the way for those who are wondering what their Child Star is, You can get 3 Free Chapters from my book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME.

There you will discover what Your Child Star is.

The 6 Metal Child is just being real with the person when they do that. They like certain clothes and styles and do not try to change that or persuade them otherwise, this is what works for them. It is not only consumer items as regards quality; it is also about books and what they read. Very often comparing one book to the other and then telling you, which one is more accurate than the other on a subject is something that they will often do.

They have a very definite manner with their words, what I call “coming to the bottom line effortlessly with few words.” We see this with adults who have the 6 Metal Child as part of their pattern.  When they are pushed into the corner because of some controversial statement; Margaret Thatcher was a perfect example of this as was the American news reporter Walter Cronkite.

Ernest Hemingway wrote from this minimalist approach, he operated from his 6 Child Star as the Macho image and lifestyle was an important need of his psyche. His adult star was the 2 Earth, which is a feminine star.

The 6 Metal Child is very direct with their needs. They do have a need for friends but should the friendship be not one, which is based on loyalty and truthfulness, they will walk away from such friendships and cut their relationship with those children and even families. They do not like flashy clothes, preferring clothes that have a classic cut from a good quality fabric is what pleases them.

They can be very sensitive to the environment and may even have a psychic quality with it. They do not view this as anything special thinking that is the norm for everyone. They can be very thorough in their approach to doing things, very much like a responsible adult seeking to have things completed.

For the 6 Metal girl the transition to being a woman can be one of curiosity and bewilderment.

Once it has unfolded the 6 Metal girl goes with the flow, except now she tends to have a need to get acknowledgement from boys and men as to who she is. This can have some aspect of flirtatiousness about it.

The demand of being reassured emotionally becomes more prevalent. Should they be introduced to spiritual aspects of life be it with prayer, the elemental forces of nature even a religious practice and can engage with it. This will be very inspiring for them especially if there is some guidance from the parents or elder.

This need for acknowledgement can take the 6 Metal girl into co dependent relationships. To the extent of knowing that their partner has an addiction or some major inadequacy and can readily become a supporter or sponsor of their partner’s dysfunctional lifestyle. The major challenge for the 6 Metal girl is one of self-esteem. This feeling of inadequacy, which often begins as a teenager can have her seeking solutions for this through cosmetic surgery. This can become a way of life for some especially if their financial situation affords it.

The American singer and songwriter Dolly Parton is an example. There are some tragic world personalities who because of their traumatic childhood somehow remained like that for the rest of their lives. Yet gave us memorable moments of song and love; Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday are two 6 Metal child ladies who lived such a life.

This assurance of “knowing and being” will once more become evident. Oftentimes the 6 Metal Child be it boy or girl will have something that engages their focus; be it a subject at school or a hobby. They will then become very skilful and proficient with this.

At the core of their lives they always have a need for some value system that they can honour; this can be from old family values, religious or spiritual ones or even a code of their own that is ethical. This honouring of values remains a core part of who they are.

 I do wish to emphasize this, as when that is not in place, be it for the adult with a 6 Metal child, then a tragic life oftentimes occurs. Some obvious examples are President Duvalier, President Batista, John De Lorean automobile manufacturer.

The other side of the coin are those who held and promoted values and ethics, people like Carl Jung, Vanessa Redgrave, Dag Hammarskjold, and Jackie Robinson.

Famous global 6 Metal Child personalities are; Shirley Bassey, Carlos Santana, Clark Gable, William Holden, Jackie Robinson, Vanessa Redgrave, Kevin Costner, Dolly Parton, Moliere, Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Allende, Margaret Thatcher, Johnny Carson, Walter Cronkite, Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Paul Newman, Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur, Lenin, John De Lorean, John Lennon, Pele, Albert Camus, Dan Rather, David Ben Gurion, Diana Dors, Vivien Leigh, John Le Carre, David Frost, Dag Hammarskjold,  Linda Lovelace, Sugar Ray Robinson, Emanuel Swedenborg, Dusty Springfield, Bessie Smith, Doris Lessing, Bill Gates, Pierre Trudeau, Franz Liszt.

Let me share an in depth overview of the 6 Metal Child Star personality of famous women in the realm of singing, acting, sports and politics who have it.

Janis Joplin 4 Wood Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Billie Holiday 4 Wood Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Vivien Leigh double 6 Metal Star for Child and Adult Star

Dusty Springfield 7 Metal Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Barbara Streisand 4 Wood Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Dolly Parton 1 Water Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Maria Sharapova   4 Wood Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Joni Mitchell 3 Wood Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Margaret Thatcher 3 Wood Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Anita Baker 7 Metal Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Linda Lovelace 7 Metal Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Jayne Mansfield 4 Wood Adult Star with 6 Metal Child Star

Diana Dors double 6 Metal Star for Child and Adult Star

As you can observe, it has its challenges for many of these women on a personality level with mental and emotional issues, which took some of them into addictions.

Readers can take a look at the personal lives of these ladies and there are many inner taunts they faced being who they are and who they became. I am sharing this to give a more in depth look at who Naomi Osaka is and what could be a part of her inner chatter with herself as a woman.

Obviously, none of the above women share her Japanese/Haitian heritage, as this is a rich vein of culture and rootedness that is feeding her passions with what she does.

What are some of the characteristics of the 6 Metal Child star besides what I shared above?

They have a need to be appreciated and acknowledged on a regular basis. Having close contact with the 6 metal child star personality is something they appreciate, of course with them allowing you into the boundaries they have for themselves.

There is a shy aspect as to how they engage with the public and dislike being pushed into public activities. This was already present when she started to win some of her big tournaments. This was not her comfort zone and one saw the awkwardness that she was having with herself in being interviewed by the media.

What I have observed, as long as the six child star is dominant, these people do not open their mouths when speaking, they speak through their “teeth”. In the interview video I shared this can be seen as well.

Then it culminated in Paris in May this year when she refused to have any interviews with the media. Public displays run against their grain. They have a dislike of being shouted at as regards any misdemeanour they may have done. Holding them close and speaking to them about it works much better for them. In her situation as an adult, speaking with her eye to eye about where she may have messed up is appreciated rather than making it public for her to process whatever she is being sanctioned about.

Obviously being a global personality who is presently trending she has to come to terms with this and go with the flow.Having some “spiritual practice” makes a big difference, as the need for moral social values is important for them. Hence her strong stand about Black Lives Matter

The 6 Metal Child personality tend to carry a fear or anxiety about being ignored.They carry a deep need to be recognized as special and unique with signs of perfection with what they do.

They carry a big fascination for modern technology. Sometimes this may take a response of keeping a distance from it also. They have a need for quality items; this is not about showing off. It is a fundamental need. To share from their core how they truly feel is very challenging for them.

This aspect of her personality was very much present when she won the US Open in 2018 defeating Serena Williams. We saw the shy awkwardness in her style of answering questions. Though her 3 Wood Adult Star was already activated, as she was 20 years at the time, she did not express it. This was buried or put to one side. It could be that aspect of her father being her initial teacher who had brought her this far to now be standing next to her core childhood idol and defeating her. This was all a 6 Metal Child star dream that she was living in spite of the nightmare experience of thousands of spectators booing her win.

We see it here also in this interview

What is not often known is that her father home schooled both she and her sister Mari so that they could have the time to play tennis whilst her mother worked to maintain the family.


When you look back at the US Open ceremony, where she defeated Serena Williams.The way she was addressed where her Haitian roots were not acknowledged by the host, this would have cut very deep for her emotionally. Both in the domain that he is the one who dedicated his life for her to be where she was along with the 6 Metal child star need for being ethical and honourable in their dealings. Plus she had to deal with boos in this most glorious moment in her life.

The fury and rage that would have generated in her being then came out last year when she won the US Open again and her Adult 3 Wood Star was very much on display.

To give you a sense of female global personalities who have the 3 Wood Adult Star.

Naomi Campbell  3/2

Angela Davis  3/3

Shirley Maclaine 3/3

Gloria Steinem ¾

Melina Mercouri  3/6

Claudia Schiffer 3/8

Billie Jean King 3/8

Kate Millet 3/7

Brigitte Bardot 3/7

Joni Mitchell 3/6

Margaret Thatcher 3/6

They all carry that great sense of independence & being there own person. This is an inherent aspect of the 3 Wood Adult star energy of these female global icons. 

I think I can easily say that all of the above ladies carry strong social positions in many walks of life. No surprise that Naomi also has hers. She surely does as was shown with wearing of mask with the names of black Americans who were killed by police in America.

She then went on to win the Australian open in February 2021

She was knocked out of the Miami Open at the end of March 2021.

She withdrew from the French Open at the end of May after winning her first match.


The Alchemy of TIME will tell you WHAT WENT WRONG, in my next blog.

Keep watching…soon you will read about it.

Thanks for reading…Rex

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