The fundamental domain of Common sense and where it truly resides is when we have sharp clear perceptions with our five senses.

From that we can make common sense decisions and observations that connect us with life and what is before us.

As I mentioned in my last blog, there is not much of that around over the last two decades. Some say it is the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence that has contributed to this lack of common sense in our environment in thee last two decades. Something else is programming many of us with our choices and decisions.

I can’t comment about that as I am only familiar with common sense and Marma points so I leave that to those who know

What we are about to do in this blog is to come home to an enhanced functioning of our five senses.

I start with the sense of Earth, yes the olfactory system and our sense of smell does bring us home to the Earth. When we associate our senses with the Elements, the olfactory system relates to the Earth Element.

Obviously that means smelling the COMMON SENSE blend of oils is where we begin.

Yes it is and how we begin this ritual with the Marma Points is of major importance. It is most helpful to engage the Young Living oils from you having a deeper awareness of nature. When you open the bottle of Common Sense make time to acknowledge this blend of oils and their Relatedness to the forest and trees from where ever they came in the globe.

The quality of the Young Living oils can connect you to your Essential Essence IF you engage with it from a place of Surrender to the trees and the spirit of them. This is at the core of Young Living oils.

Rex Lassalle


Many Young Living leaders who have been using the oils for decades have mentioned energizing the oils. When I studied the Raindrop Technique with the late Dr David Stewart, he did mention that putting a few drops in your hand and then to make 3 clockwise circles with your middle finger before using whichever oil would potentize it.

I did that at times when I first started to use the oils. However in the last 4 years, I have found that there is a way that invokes the quantum field with the oils. It arises from being aware that those small molecules which are now creating a fragrance in the space. They are now finding their way back to that mother tree or forest from which they came in the world.  To bring that narrative into the experience brings a bottomless source of support into birth.

The trees and forest from where these oils came from globally empowers them way beyond making the 3 clockwise circles in the oils that is in the palm of your hand.



Yes, the trees and forest do bring their Quantum Field blessings when you relate with your bottle of oil as carrying the sacredness of the trees and forest. They are at the core of our well being from that Unseen dimension. The keyword is our RELATEDNESS to the oils. These days and for the last 10 years, the word RELATEDNESS are really about our cell phones. I am well aware that for me to suggest cultivating RELATEDNESS to the oils, such a thought could be upsetting for some people.

Taking this approach to the oils as you open the bottle changes what then occurs whilst using the oil.

Having done that and created that awareness in the space in which you are doing the ritual. Something else becomes present which is more potent and effective when working with the Marma points.




First off we need to massage our ears, as then we are giving a very clear message that something different is about to happen with our bodies.

Our ears are a microcosm of our whole body. Our body then comes alive, the nadis, marma points and subtle energy channels are receptive to what will follow.

We then open our bottle of the oil, allowing the fragrance of the oils and their small molecules to return to their mother tree and forest region in the world. Now we sniff the oils, I like to go left nostril then right; I do that sniffing process 3 times.

Yes folks, it is all about slowing down. That is not a buzzword these days neither is it trending hence the quick fix mind set and the anxieties that surround such approaches is not part of this method.



                        MARMA POINTS STEPS

                                    TO TAKE

  1. Do your slow sniffing of the COMMON SENSE oil with your nostrils 3 times

2. Marma Point OSHTHA as shown in the chart. It is the point directly below your nostrils. This marma wakes you up, if you fainted this point has the potential to revive you, it brings you back here Now

It improves mental awareness and sharpens the mind. Concentration becomes one pointed. It is an excellent point to anoint for those having learning disorders such as ADHD. Nosebleeds issues are helped.

Your sense of smelling is enhanced.

Anoint with a gentle soft breath as you apply the oil after turning it onto one finger that gets a hint of the oil. Slow smooth movements are how it goes with the marma points. Spend about a minute doing this as you breathe gently.

3. KARNAPALI at the base of the ears benefits the eyes.

It eases stress & anxiety as well as tinnitus and ear issues. This point calms the mind. It is helpful for people recovering from ADHD. It brings great benefit for those suffering from vertigo.  I have found it brings a smoother energetic flow for body and mind when you start anointing the right KARNAPALI point with your left hand. I hold my left thumb at the back of the point and anoint with my left middle finger. I then do a similar anointing with my right hand on the left KARNAPALI. Spend a minute on each ear.

4. KARNAPALA at the top of the ears supports ear function

It activates mental alertness, helps to ease low back pain and sciatica. Anointing this point brings a deep calmness of mind yet at the same time it carries a profound “listening” to the space. Vertigo issues are alleviated with KARNAPALA. Following the same protocol as in step 3.


is at the back of the ear between the jaw and the tip of the mastoid bone 

KARNAMULA benefits the kidneys and hearing issues.

Anointing this point also alleviates vertigo and tooth issues. Do follow a similar protocol as in Step 3 where you start at the back of right ear before anointing the back of the left ear between the jaw and the tip of the mastoid bone. Can be a very helpful point for those who carry big tension in their jaw, which often manifest with teeth grinding when they sleep. Oftentimes this arises from deep emotional pain; this is especially the case with relationship breakups. The Space is still very tight with unprocessed memories where bitterness and vindictive feelings can fester.


is located in the corner edge of the nose. Relieves congestion in the sinuses and nose

It enhances sense of smell.

It helps to relieve respiratory issues, supports resolving unprocessed grief. It stimulates prana via the respiratory process and enhances the functioning of the lungs.


is located at either side of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the neck as it links to the clavicle.

AKSHAKA benefits taste

supports heart function

It also supports liver and gallbladder function. Working on this point eases emotional upsetting experiences. Especially those explosive rip roaring emotions. This point gives such expressions a lot of space to dissolve. Bringing a sweeter taste to the mouth. Anointing this marma point eases hiccups. This point has an influence on the circulation in the arms.

I anoint this paired point with my middle finger from both hands. The right middle finger anoints the point on the left of the neck muscle; the left middle finger anoints the point on the right of the neck muscle. Do not be surprised if this paired point is very tender. A lot of unexpressed emotional clutter gets stuck here impacting the solar plexus and many digestive organs. Be gentle and patient with this point. I tend to limit my time on each marma to no more than two minutes. I find that less is more with these points.

They are an integral part of your astral body. So much so that in traditional Hindu cremation ceremonies the pundit sings hymns that acknowledges the marma points. They carry such an intrinsic spiritual energy that lingers even when we have passed on.

Take a 5 to 10 minute break after this COMMONSENSE Marma Ritual before getting back into the routine of your day.

Another flavour will be present with your energy.

Give yourself permission to taste, smell, hear, see and feel the spaciousness it brings to your being. You are now in a place of BEING




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