Yes these days, there is not much common sense around. Many people are in this boat going nowhere except to the Pusher man.                                                                                                                   In a way Curtis Mayfield hits the nail on the head with his song Pusher man  

 Except now it is with people suffering from depression, bipolar and the other dysfunctional states of mind. They get their pills from the white coats as a prescription to give them their “uppers” to face the day and their “downers” to go to sleep. This is not in ghettos in the world. This is in the world of the executives, the professionals and the well off. They need their fix to deal with life and Common Sense is no longer present. Their senses are controlled by their uppers and downers, how they see, hear, smell taste and touch comes from their Fix.   

It is a very sad state of affairs, yet observing is all that you can do. To say something, when you are on the outside of that circle; your words just fall on deaf ears and so it is. 

These Pusher man conversations are a necessary pass as they celebrate their pain with a feeling that you are in The Club that matters. There are even highlights in the conversation as regards who is your Pusher man or better still, it can also be that your supplier is a Pusher woman. It can also turn out that one of these Pusher suppliers has the latest uppers and downers that just came out and it is now the big buzz. That then becomes the Pusher to see on that street and changing your supplier becomes the go to event of the week. How best to navigate to get to that supplier then gets the full attention of those present with tips from the one who is getting the latest. Who to call and what to say as Common Sense goes out the window to the Pusher. 

I guess socially in some circles it is a way of “Move on Up” another big music hit in the early 70’s from Curtis Mayfield.

By the way, this is not a blog about soul music or Curtis Mayfield; it is about Common Sense, in the period in which we are living. As a holistic health practitioner I have to go down many roads to make what I am sharing relevant to read. Hence to talk about Common Sense I have to share real life scenarios where that is not present. 

The common sense dialogue does not exist in that digital world of the Pusher man. It is a prison where the senses have to be modulated by some chemical substance that oftentimes opens the Addiction window. That window is the one that brings the Illusionary medicated light. To suggest diet, exercise and ways to adapt with some Common Sense to optimize brain function, is an absurd conversation for those in the grip of the Pusher man.  This does not connect with their reality if one can call what they are going through a reality

These days you need to have an app or some fix it suggestion. That is now what our common sense has come to. Surprise, surprise I have one. No not an app but a blend of Essential Oils called COMMONSENSE.

Yes friends, Young Living does carry such a blend of oils. This blend has the following oils Ylang Ylang, Rue, Frankincense, Ocotea, Goldenrod, Dorado Azul and Lime.

I will outline how to use this blend of oils to boost the receptivity of your five senses that your choices and decision-making can be on target. This is connected to an authentic biological reality where I will show how to work with your Marma points to achieve this. Yes the spirit of those trees that went to make this blend can bring you home to your essence especially when the Marma points are involved in that dance.

The digitalized person devoid of their basic humanness starts experiencing closeness to robots unconsciously.  We all know that the robots are here and when you look closer at the domain of Artificial Intelligence, such a goal where robots will supersede the functioning of human beings is very much the new rollout. A vast number of people are overwhelmed from that realm globally.

Rex, how do you mean that?

Well for many their cell phone is switched on 24/7 or if it is not, the first thing they do on waking is to switch it on,’ before peeing or washing their face. That is the go to reality, the biological aspect of who they are is all forgotten and whatever turns up on their cell phone to answer, this dominates their day. Reality has become that for them. Their senses become digitalized. The code to press to get FAST results when it happens, that is when the feel good factor occurs for them.

When we look at what surrounds the life of those embracing such a lifestyle; we see anxiety, insomnia, difficulty with most biological functions; bowel movements are an issue, monthly cycle for the ladies is all over the place and some pill is needed to fix that. They are walking around; well it is more sitting down as their lives are dominated by that techno world with its medicated support to manoeuvre along in life.

That outline is how it is for many with an exponential growth happening in this area. Obviously, the people selling those products are happy and they have their marketers the Pushers fixing the cocktails with an ever-increasing demand.

By the way, there is a growing request with those who are operating in this with many side effects who want to move away from it. These days you do find retreats where people hand over their laptops and cell phones for a week even two weeks to be outside of that and connect with nature, good food, massage, meditation, hiking and such life enhancing activities. What a pleasure it is to interact and hear how their senses and feelings have that grounded Common sense quality. They are truly being themselves with heaven above and earth under them yet they interact with the digital world with some excellent boundaries. Yes they are functioning in it, but it does not own their life.

Part 2

How to stay in the world of Common Sense with the COMMONSENSE oil blend will be my next episode. Soon to appear.


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