Emotional Guidance for 8 Earth Star Month

8 Earth Star month

This month is from February 4th to March 5th 2023

This Child Star month is about research, the ancestors, observing what is so in your life. We address it as a Chlld Star month as anyone born in this month will have this 8 Earth Star as their Child Star.

Biologically this is about the functioning of the Spleen organ that function which relates to our lymph system and pancreas. Hence addressing and being conscious of these functions is a key for having a smooth dance with the energy of this month.


Yes the 8 Earth Star is a Cosmic Entity in ancient times it would be address as the 8 Earth Goddess. Well aware this is not the language we are using these days. Yet, honoring her as that creates other dimensions of Relatedness with her. What is that about, how can we create a Relatedness with that Goddess in the sky? I have a Relatedness with my phone it is always with me and I am dependent on it.


Cultivating a Relatedness with the 8 Earth Child Star is about knowing its area of influence this month. In all Indigenous Societies all ceremonies begin by honoring the 4 Cardinal Directions before they invoke or celebrate whatever the ceremony is about.

When you look at the 8 Earth Circle You observe

In the North

There is the 4 Wood Star, this month blowing of the wind from the North is about the 4 Wood Star bringing its messages. Can we with our educated minds discern what they are? For most of us…No. We have never viewed the world like that or what surrounds us. Yet our DNA has links to that way of relating to the environment.

In the South

There is the 3 Wood Star, where new surprises can arise with that 3 Wood star sitting in the South position this month. New opportunities and possibilities may come from that region.

In the East

We have the 6 Metal Star, suggesting that being organised when we start our day is being asked of us. Our to do list for that day to have with the rising sun.

In the West

There is the 1 Water Star suggesting to us that we seek feelings of Comfort in our being.

The beauty and wisdom of this approach to our day is really about our Feelings. Having such narratives in our heart space, in our inner realm. Subjectively we can give ourselves permission to feel that way. Even if objectively it is frustrating. To have that inner relatedness with such an orientation supports our emotional and mental wellbeing.

8 Earth Star Healing Tips

1 Water Child Star Personality

For those connecting with this reality for the first time

You can discover what your Child Star is here

This month for the 1 Water Chil Star it is asking you to look after your skin and to do some breathing exercises. This can also be achieved by walking in forests along sea shores away from harbours and industiral operations. Seek harmony in your relationships with people and also in your work environmemt

2 Earth Child Star Personality

This month for the 2 Earth Child Star, it is asking you as you to cultivate patience, avoid impulsive responses to life experiences and situations. Maintain a good routine with your meal times and reach out to your elders; aunts, uncles, parents and grand parents this will bring new insights about who you are and family attitudes that have shaped you. Stable blood sugar levels makes a difference for you with all of this.

3 Wood Child Star Personality

This month for the 3 Wood Child Star, it is asking you to take actions about your dreams and aspirations rather than tomorrow and tomorrow. Alllow yourself to receive acknowledgements for your contributions to your community and family members. Pace yourself with your busy schedule. Do make time to have a walk especically later in the day to slow things down and be more grounded.

4 Wood Child Star Personality

This month for the 4 Wood Child Star, do have a deep listening to your dreams. Quality of sleep is of major importance for you this month. Be with what flows for you this month, listen to those deeper feelings that may be stirring in your being. Seek those experiences that bring a sense of comfort to your being this month.

6 Metal Child Star Personality

This month for the 6 Metal Child Star, it is a time of new emotional discoveries for you. How you look and experience things may carry a new taste for you this month. Yes impulsiveness can occur and good to give that some room of expression once your blood sugar levels are stable.

7 Metal Child Star Personality

This month for the 7 Metal Child Star, it is a time of emotional communication. Reaching out to those who are your loved ones. At times we go through such times with loved ones, still reach out. Even with rejection your virtuous action will create extraordinary moments for you in the coming days arising from communicating with love. Light evening meals with a generous listening to music and singers who move your heart space.

8 Earth Child Star Personality

This month for the 8 Earth Child Star, it is a time of stabilizing things in your life. Be practical and pragmatic in your emotional approach to things. Let go of your wishful thinking and embrace things as they are. There is a digestive process in this attitude which serves and nourishes you that grant you moments of grace and blessings. Let your meal times be one of ease where gratitude surrounds those moments

9 Fire Child Star Personality

This month for the 9 Fire Child Star, it is a time of seeking peace of mind for your emotions. To cultivate that attitude from within gets the blessing. This inner world of your being as you nourish that place witihin yourself. You then bring another energy to your objective world. Rather than your objective world dominating your feelings. Letting go is the secret and creating space in your life. Allow regular bowel movements be part of this process.

Thank You for reading and applying this guidance to your life. Another level of Relatedness will occur as you align with your Child Star and those Cosmic coincidences will amplify in your life. This will grant you deeper guidance as to your direction in life which will give you deeper moments of fulfillment.

Allow the 8 Earth Star to bless you this month as you reach out to it.

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