Emotional Selfcare with 4 Wood Goddess Star

What is the guidance that the 4 Wood Goddess Star can give our Child Stars this year?

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that I am addressing your emotional needs from your Child Star.

You discover your Child Star from the year and the month you were born.

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That is step one

To describe the emotional impact that the year will have on you
we have to look at which house your Child Star occupies during 2023

The template for the Houses in the 9 Star Ki system is given from the pattern of the 5 Earth Star

In the Lo Shu Circle (the circle which has 5 at the centre) each of the Stars occupies its own House. So the 1 Star is in the 1 House, the 2 Star is in the 2 House, the 3 Star is in the 3 House, and so on. As the Stars move around the Houses (on a monthly or a yearly basis) the Houses stay where they are.

Make Things Clearer about the Elemental Stars

To make things even clearer for you, I’ve added the House numbers (which never change) in a black-coloured smaller typeface to the 9 Ki Circles in this post for both the 4 Wood Star and the 5 Earth Star.

Now that we know all this, let’s discover which house our Child Star occupies this year.

The 4 Wood Goddess Star is mothering Your 8 Earth Child Star this year in the 9 Fire House

Share your emotional insights to one and all


At times the impulse to rush ahead will arise, in such moments, do pace yourself and slow down. Be practical and measured with what you do. Make time to walk on evenings for half an hour with the sky juice overhead as you feel your feet on the earth.
This will do wonders for you, as it allows you to truly savour the emotional fulfilment that was there in your day.


Should rapid heart beats arise because of all that is going on. In those moments Your 4 Wood Goddess Star mother is giving you a very clear sign for you to slow down and cut back on your appointments for the next 5 days.
Good to have a chat once a week with a very good friend/confidante. This will help your 8 Earth Child Star energy feel grounded rather than caught up with where your imagination may have taken you that week.


A simple ritual that can stabilise things for you in your day. Is to light a T Light or candle. Gaze at it for 10 minutes with soft eyes and gentle breaths as you step away from the digital devices. Allow that gentle gaze at the soft flame to bring the warmth of the soft fire to the back of your navel. Let that glow pervade your being. Feel the Glow.
Your 4 Wood Goddess Star mother will appreciate such a virtuous action. She will surely bring you Extraordinary moments in your life for such virtuous acts.

Now those with the 9 Fire Child Star

The 4 Wood Goddess Star is mothering Your 9 Fire Child Star this year in the 1 Water House

                     Virtuous Actions That Nourish Your Subconscious Mind

Sleep and dreams are a priority this year. Much wisdom and guidance will come from there, trust it. This maybe your biggest moment to really feel and know the wisdom and knowledge that your 9 Fire Child Star has for you. Make time for walk by rivers, lakes and anywhere that water occurs in nature. Please do not read this as if it is a lazy year for you…far from it. It is a year where Your 4 Wood Goddess Star mMother is asking you to listen to another aspect of your being…your essence.

Low Back Selfcare

Look after your lower back, should any issues arise with it, do attend to it promptly. At the same time ask yourself the question. “Am I feeling as if I have no support in my life?” These are not logical questions. Yet at the emotional level that could be present for you with this symptom. A salt pack can be great support for your lower back.

Water Retention

If water retention occurs, address it promptly. Something that sounds ridiculous, yet I have seen it work consistently over the last 3 decades. Hold a round yellow pumpkin on your lap close to your belly. Be close to a toilet when doing this. As within half an hour even within 15 minutes you will want to make a pee. Give that space foitr it to happen. This will help. There are rituals with Marma points that can make a difference. I will share this in forthcoming Orinoco Flows events.


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