Emotional Intelligence for 2023

Sacred Space
With The 4 Wood Goddess Star

What is the guidance that the 4 Wood Goddess Star can give our Child Stars this year?

So that our Emotional Intelligence is Optimised

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that I am addressing your emotional needs from your Child Star.

You discover your Child Star from the year and the month you were born.

Do you want to know what your Child Star is?


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To describe the emotional impact that the year will have on You

Above all we have to look at which house your Child Star occupies during 2023

The template for the houses in the 9 Star Ki system is given from the pattern of the 5 Earth Star.

In the Lo Shu Circle (the circle which has 5 at the centre) each of the Stars occupies its own House. Above all, the 1 Star is in the 1 House, the 2 Star is in the 2 House, the 3 Star is in the 3 House, and so on. As the Stars move around the Houses (on a monthly or a yearly basis) the Houses stay where they are.

Where those Elemental Stars are located in that 5 Earth Star Loshu Circle gives you the House which each Star natively occupies.

Now that we know that let us discover which house that our Child Star is located this year

The 4 Wood Goddess Star is mothering her 7 Metal Child Star this year in the 8 Earth House

When You look at the 4 Wood Goddess Star Year you see that the 7 Metal Child Star is in the 8 Earth house

Your 4 Wood Goddess Star mother is asking you to connect with your ancestors this year!

Depending where you live, you can visit the cemetery a few times in the year. Obviously the statement of Ancestors can and does include your grand parents, uncles, aunts and parents. Should these relatives be alive. Communicate with them more frequently.

The Alchemy of TIME through the 4 Wood Goddess Star will bring you extraordinary moments from you taking these virtuous actions.

Hobbies that are linked to ancient cultures should such interest occur for you…go for it. Visits to ancient civilisations will bring many new insights about you and your life. Guard against impulsive actions this year. Slow is definitely fast for you this year.

Thank You 4 Wood Goddess Star for gracing us with your guidance and wisdom.

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Rex Lassalle