Emotional Guidance for 2023

With The 4 Wood Goddess Star

What is the guidance that the 4 Wood Goddess Star can give our Child Stars this year?

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that I am addressing your emotional needs from your Child Star.

You discover your Child Star from the year and the month you were born

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To describe the emotional impact that the year will have on You

We have to look at which house your Child Star occupies during 2023

The template for the houses in the 9 Star Ki system is given from the pattern of the 5 Earth Star.

In the Lo Shu Circle (the circle which has 5 at the centre) each of the Stars occupies its own House. So the 1 Star is in the 1 House, the 2 Star is in the 2 House, the 3 Star is in the 3 House, and so on. As the Stars move around the Houses (on a monthly or a yearly basis) the Houses stay where they are.

Where those Elemental Stars are located in that 5 Earth Star Loshu Circle gives you the House which each Star natively occupies.

Now that we know that let us discover which house that our Child Star is located this year

The 4 Wood Goddess Star is mothering her 4 Wood Child Star this year in the 5 Earth House

When You look at the 4 Wood Goddess Star Year you see that the 4 Wood Child Star is in the 5 Earth house

Your mother the 4 Wood Goddess Star knows your needs intimately as she has also had the experience of being a Child Star over the years.

This is a stabilising year for you.

Major shifts or changes are not suggested. Should such be the case where major moves be it with career or work or home location is on the cards. Then planning with nuts and bolts questions need to be asked and utilised as regards how such changes will occur.

Life Style Tips

Regular meal times in a relaxed dining environment is a big boost for your wellbeing.

Besides stabilising things, be practical with your approach to things. Wishful thinking with no questions or research would sabotage your best efforts.

Daily walks hopefully without a digital device can do wonders to help you truly feel what works for you this year. Those daily walks can give you some deep insights about certain puzzling situations in your life.

Make time to listen to some music or some voice of a singer that moves and inspires you. This supports that being in the groove stability. Have a daily routine that you honour, this will support you in stabilising your energy this year.

The 4 Wood Goddess Star is mothering your 6 Metal Child Star this year in the 7 Metal House

A harvesting year for you at an emotional level.

Hopes, wishes and aspirations that were planted 5 years ago may ripen this year for you. A year when who you are, is recognised for the difference you made to peoples lives.

Be receptive to your aesthetic needs this year. Cultivate your instinctive need to have fine quality items with pleasing kinaesthetic textures be part of your landscape as Joni Mitchell 6 Metal Child Star keeps showing us.


More demands on your time as regards children and their needs will tend to occur. Most times you will be acknowledged for your efforts and the benefits you brought to their lives.

Should skin issues arise this year bring your “emotional eyes” to ask “what is upsetting or disturbing me now that I am ignoring or worst – denying?” Most times this year it will have links to your emotional state. Your 4 Wood Goddess Star mother is suggesting that Walks in nature a few times a week are a must to clear your head. Please BE in nature rather than plugged into some device when you are there walking.

Thank You 4 Wood Goddess Star for gracing us with your guidance and wisdom.

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