Indigenous Initiations


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Rex Lassalle


I had many responses to my Indigenous Uprising blog and poems

There was a testimonial about it

Rex was never a status quo type. His raw contemporary poetry provides data enough to assign him to the ranks of Harris in Guiana or Cesaire in Martinique. Magic and a restless mysticism betray his affair with that “other” world attested to in narratives of indigenous relatives and manifestations. The Sandhurst and the prison experiences seem to be almost by the way but leave the path paved for the emergence of someone or something beautifully sacred.

Dr David Brizan

Also,there was a friend and former student who saw a Healing book that will come out of this. As this will be a source of Support for All People globally, when they are faced with their personal challenges and traumas.

Some felt I projected bitterness or bitchiness with aspects of my poems and the intense energy in my writing. I was not totally surprised to receive such comments in their emails and text messages. Yes my writing in this blog is intense; very much so and I will share about that later in this blog.

When short mini skirt was mentioned some felt that I was putting down the skirt lady.


When nothing could be further from the truth. There were Initiations that occurred for me in her presence. She is a healer with phenomenal talent without a doubt. I saw the manifestation of her work and its results within very short time frames. Never saw such healing skills before. No way is denigration part of my narrative. Unconscious Initiations did occur in her presence; they were challenging, shocking and painful.

These moments were all blessed moments for me!

My Motivation for Sharing

the mental stabilizer ritual

As my motivation in sharing these poems is also to assist those who may have been
in painful experiences. They may have taken them in a way which led them to embrace victimhood.
In my view there is always a ray of light there to take it as a blessing and to allow other doors to open within yourself. Yes, on the outside in everyday life things may have been d ented. However, when you open the inside there is something that is there for you that will bring a new light to your life.
Be receptive to that.

From those second wave experiences of being thrown tumbling down into my Indigenousness. Such life awakening moments gave me access to deeper links in my communication with the forest.


For us modern and well educated people I am not of the view that these deep levels of authentic communicating with nature are smoothly granted. It is another birth experience where you are born Howling with pain to connect with that world.

Returning to Finland

On my return to Finland the skins slowly dropped off and another light got switched on with the forest, its nature, lakes and sea. These are very private conversations that exist with myself and the forest and I am not here to get into sensationalising these experiences. That would be totally disrespectful to the forest.

Book of Poems

Finnish Moments!

My book of 25 poems which is not yet published. These all came after those Unconscious Indigenous Initiations.
As they could not have been written without those last initiations.

Indigenousness is steeped in nearly every poem.

Here is a taste of what’s to come

Arising from my educated mind 
Realizing my trauma 
Being separate from you 
Yet, you give glimpses of You 

Then there is

Tears slowly flows down my cheek
Realizing that my feet are on his roots
Feet melt into those roots that take me on a journey

Many thanks for coming this far with your reading.

Hugs, Rex Lassalle

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