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For more than thirteen years I have been using and working with Young Living Essential Oils. It has been a journey that has created major spiritual transformational experiences for me over these years.
I need to add that those spiritual transformational experiences have not stopped. They continually to unfold in my life creating virtuous actions which bring about extraordinary moments in my life.
Here are many of the virtuous actions that I have witnessed over the decade that the Raindrop Technique has always given my clients.

What are the Holistic Wellbeing benefits of the Raindrop Treatment?

Raindrop Technique helps Reduce Pain

A large focus of the Raindrop Treatment is on the Spinal Column and the Spinal muscles. As is well known the vast array of nerve endings in the body are finally linked to the spine and the large part of the nervous system that is housed there.

Raindrop Technique helps Reduce Inflammation

Numerous global studies have identified many essential oils that have powerful anti-inflammatory agents. These include Thyme, Oregano and Peppermint, all of which are used in the Raindrop Technique.

Raindrop Technique helps to improve Circulation

Moist heat helps to improve blood circulation; when blood circulation is improved it leads to balancing of the autonomic nervous system and better regulation of gastrointestinal functions.
When clients are in the prone position whilst receiving a massage; this happens in the Raindrop Technique. There is an increase in blood circulation in the brain especially in the forebrain-amygdala system. Along with this there is a decrease in serum levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Raindrop Technique can help prevent the bacterial and viral causes of scoliosis and kyphosis

Researchers are showing that there is such a link. Here there is data confirming this view

Raindrop Technique helps relieve stress

The late Dr. David Stewart who trained me in this a decade ago did a research paper on the statistical validation of the Raindrop Technique. You can access that research here

Raindrop Technique helps improve Immune Function

Here is data from a four decade researcher Prof. Tiffany M. Field in the field of touch and massage. Here are her findings about it from the University of Miami school of medicine.

One has to remember that Touch is the first sense that we humans develop when our mother was pregnant with us. It remains a primal desire for us as human beings.

Raindrop Technique can support the release of negative emotions.

Many of our illnesses especially mental health ones arise from negative emotions that are held and never have seen the light of day or ever processed.

I quote from Dr Candace Pert

“It may surprise you that emotions are not the product of your brain, but are expressed, experienced and stored in your body-mind. These emotions can be triggered through body work, meditations, breathing, spiritual practice and many other diverse psychosomatic modalities. Use one you like, or learn something new as a vehicle to better emotional expressivity and health.”

Raindrop Technique gives a good night’s sleep.

The raindrop technique induces sleep and calms tensed nerves as it relaxes the muscles. For the majority of us and our constant use of wifi devices, we are all victims of electro toxicity. This toxicity is contributing to many nights of disturbed sleep and also exhaustion.

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Raindrop Technique helps improve Immune Function

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