Changing Narratives with Feelings Kit Ritual

Time to change them and where they came from

The Feelings Kit Ritual gives you that possibility of changing your inner chatter. The narrative that oftentimes keeps you stuck. Not getting to achieve what you wish to accomplish.

Standing up to a new day, a new dawn

A New Dawn Opens

That is surely there in that first half an hour after doing the Feelings Kit Ritual the night before. That has been consistently there when I awake the last 11 days after doing the Ritual with the oils. Those first 30 minutes are precious, a lot of space is present in your mind. Sometimes it can be a dream with a different theme. Keep that space open rather than jumping to your to do list. Let that wait. We will always have a to do list, that is a given. Your subconscious mind is open and subtle hints and themes do show up. Connect with them. New sound bites may occur or sentences. Write them down as they are opening you to new possibilities. Before I get to new narratives and the new path that they can give. Let’s look at some possible narratives that seems to dominate our landscape.

Locked in this digital world…where is your narrative?

Oftentimes, it is Click Entitlement

I am here I need this CLICK
I am there I need this CLICK
I AM I need this CLICK
I need CLICK
I am click
I am entitled

Thinking, what’s that?
In a Click dance
Always in a Click
Sleeping I have my Click
Bathing I have my Click
Peeing I Click
With my love I Click
Click I am
Let the Feelings Kit Ritual change your narrative

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Rex Lassalle