Feelings Kit Ritual Day 12

Choose your new narrative with commitment

Keep Your Space Spacious

This theme has been consistently there every morning when I awake. Does that mean that my Space is all tidy and decluttered…No. Some friends may think on reading my recent Feelings Kit blogs that perfection has to be present for things to ripen for them. Of course not, but that intention is obviously there. It is called work in progress. This focus needs to be present. Cultivating a curious eye about your day and who you are, that is a must. When that is present a latent joy occurs.

Vigilant curiosity needs to be present

Vigilant curiosity needs to be Present

That is a must for new narratives to unfold. The space around you reciprocates by granting you new experiences as you journey through life. More invitations have arisen for me to do things with new organizations. In a way life is telling me here are some doors that you need to walk through.

Otherwise you become caught seeking clicks

Seeking clicks are all about distractions that are taking you nowhere. Such chatter keep you stuck with little or no options. As you are then caught in distractions. Rather than realizing Space is calling you with its many coincidences. Inviting you to walk through and embrace new narratives about your life. The Feelings Kit Ritual done digilently for 28 nights connects you to these new possibilities. Time has come for you to grasp these new narratives in your life.

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Rex Lassalle