Empowering Narratives from Feelings

Rise above being a victim regardless of the narrative

Many are not getting it

This full moon day I have had to return to the Narrative conversation as some readers are puzzled about what all of this is about. This dialogue has remained a theme in my Feelings Kit Ritual even on this 13th day of it.

Keith Jarrett & The Koln Concert

Everything was wrong that evening on January 24th 1975 when Keith did this concert that made him a global icon. He had a backache, arrived to the concert hall late after a long drive from Zurich. He was wearing a brace for his painful back. The piano was the wrong piano and needed tuning. Whatever could go wrong went wrong that evening. Nothing was in place for a good concert. The promoter had to beg Keith to perform in spite of the disastrous situation where fourteen hundred people were waiting to hear him play.

Keith changed the narrative

One of the best selling Jazz albums

This is what I mean about changing the stuck narratives that we can have about our lives and efforts. Holding on to victimhood, rather than creating a new narrative. The Feelings Kit Ritual does facilitate such new opportunities for us. As you create a new opening for yourself something shifts in your auric field. Oftentimes most memorable experiences and human breakthroughs and accomplishments arise from creating a new narrative.


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Rex Lassalle