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the mental stabilizer ritual
Mind Nurturing much needed these days

Gifts from Day 9

On waking this morning, the theme that began arising was Mind nurturing. Rex where are you going to take this narrative? How does this fit into Feelings Kit Ritual? No answers were immediately there. Yet, the mantra kept humming in my head…Mind Nurturing. I had to go to the shops this morning to get different bits and pieces. I got the answer when I was out in seeing this

Walking towards me

There he was holding his phone directly in front his heart chakra. His left hand was holding a laptop computer as if it was his baby. A large percentage of people in large urban cities walk around with their cell phone in front of their heart chakra. Please I am not attempting to stop that…how could I? The spin off from that with a large section of the population is insomnia, anxiety and neurotic mind chatter.

Locked away with dented mind

Desperate need for Mind Nurturing

With Feelings Kit Ritual

Back in 1970 when I was imprisoned for leading an Army mutiny. I learnt a lot about life beyond what any University could offer. I learnt about the power and effectiveness of our Subconscious mind. I shared the experience of getting things through a contact that my father had with a Prison warder. Full details of how I did that with my Subconscious mind is in my autobiographical audio book; Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME

Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME bookcover

How to nurture mind with Feelings Kit Ritual

Identify your goal, the end result you wish to accomplish. Start the Ritual as I have outlined; first VALOR to the feet. Followed by HARMONY to the chakras along the spine. On completing that. Bring your awareness to the end result you wish to accomplish. Address your inner mind from that relaxed spacious feeling. ‘Inner Mind, listen to this goal of mine” Outline it clearly seeing it as accomplished along with Feeling it achieved. . “I need to have this please. I am confident that I will achieve this goal. I am confident that I will get it. Then comes the RELEASE Ritual

Continue the Ritual with RELEASE

Complete the remaining steps of the Ritual and go to sleep. Leave your request to your Subconscious Mind to faciltate that end result ripening for you. I consistently did it nightly for 7 days in prison before I got the supplements from that Prison warder. My sense is that the oils will hasten the process for you. Keep that as a private seed you have planted. Keep your mouth shut about it. Avoid broadcasting it to the world as then that seed will have no roots. Enjoy your Feelings Kit Ritual and its many blessings.

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