Humility reigns on day 8

Trees, plants, flowers & herbs demand humility

As I awoke a morning of Koans arose. I had to come to the computer as my head was spinning with readers asking, what is Creole Cacao in Trinidad? Yet many questions arising from my essence are being asked of me. Some may ask, how come? Well, The Feelings Kit Ritual is an inside job. This is not a Fix It outside narrative.

Pathway to the Auric Field

Opens an Inner Dialogue

The core reason is that I engage with these Feelings Kit oils with reverence. For many people that is a taboo statement. In their mind it fixes my liver and helps my posture etc. Yes they do fix such things. Yet I am engaging with them as sacred batons that opens the quantum field. I can’t really say more than that as such conversations are not part of the essential oil menu card. Yet the many experiences I have had over more than a decade are totally outside any text about essential oils.

Extraordinary Experiences

From that Space

One client had one Raindrop Treatment. One of Gary Young protocols that he got from the Lakota tribe. For over two decades this lady was seeing an osteopath at least once a month. One Raindrop treatment was the end of her Osteopathic treatments. There was a lady who had problems starting her car. When she rubbed Breathe Again on her car keys, the car started. I have endless number of such experiences. How can I engage with these oils as if I know what these oils can do. I don’t. I am in awe of them. How I am sharing about them comes from that Extraordinary Space. My Feelings Kit journey this time has taken me to some spaces inside that I have never been before.

Humility is asked of me

Silent reflections are ripening

All positive with a rich tapestry that keeps unfolding. May I suggest for those doing it with me to allow that to flow, rather than step back from it. Blossoming seeds are being planted as we diligently engage with the oils from that surrender to them. Let’s honour that and give thanks for having them as part of our lives.

Creole Cacao is what?

Cacao balls from Trinidad

They are what is grated to make that delicious creole cocoa drink in Trinidad. A Sunday morning favorite of mine as a child. There is not much more that I can say. As I have shared in great detail over the last eight days how to do the Ritual and the attitude to adopt when doing it. This is the key for that vast treasure to open for us on the inside. Enjoy the many blessings that will flow to you. Time for me to embrace humility and let the oils amplify my communication for the next twenty days as I continue the nightly Ritual. Blessings, Rex


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