Feelings Kit Ritual Day 7

Bonding Key withLife & pace

Last night’s Ritual was very spacious. In fact I needed to give each oil time and space after applying it before moving to the next oil. It was as if the oils were dictating the rhythm of my applications. It was beautiful. I was a bit naughty last night as I was on the computer just before starting the Ritual. Rather than my habit of stepping back from the computer at least for an hour before going to bed.

Harmony & its Gifts

Harmony brings spacious surrender

A big Letting go occurred when I applied HARMONY to the Chakra locations along my spine . There was a surrendering to the HARMONY. Plus,I could not resist it. That was where the wave was taking me. As a result more spacious was the bottom line as I did the Ritual

Cacao Dream Accompanying Sleep

Dreamy sleep where cacao dream happened

Slept very deep, somewhat disoriented when I awoke yet refreshed. Part of it was a dream about Cacao. In one image there was a ball of the Trinidad Creole Cacao which is an all time favourite of mine. This was my Sunday breakfast drink as a child. The other image was about Cacao powder that had no connection with Trinidad. It seems some part of me was looking to find Cacao. Where can I find it? I did not yet a few minutes later I was fully present and began my morning hygienic ritual with cleaning teeth, washing and getting ready for the day.

Slow and Smooth

My movements were slow, no rush was involved in any of it. In that slow pace I felt Gravity supporting me. I was letting go to gravity…occurring spontaneously . That word intention was no part in it. A new rhythm was born. TIME was being experienced in an entirely new fashion. My being was having a new relationship with TIME and Gravity.

My Unfolding Day

Walked to the supermarket with that new ease and rhythm . As I walked there two school boys ahead of me. One wanted to show his friend how macho his heel was by stomping onto this beverage can which he did. Afterwards, he then threw it into a field of trees. Normally I would shout at him as he was doing this. Yet my smooth ease of gravity supportive walk had no such motivation. I picked up the flattened can and pointed it at him some thirty metres away…he looked back and I pointed to a bin. He got it what was meant to happen.

Deep bonding grants new rhythm

I was pleasantly surprised how no judgement and irritation was present as I observed this. What’s more ,the boy was in his world and I was in mine and so it was. Life goes on which is how it is for nature. . What was also wonderful is that a good friend and student of mine sent me this message. (Wow !You are exaggerating) I felt saddened that she could read what I was sharing as some egocentric statements. Yet surrender & bonding with life and nature is what I am sharing. This allowed me to realize how deep I was with my embrace of life and nature. In that sadness I felt blessed as no exaggeration was present. She did say it was a joke and for sure the joke was on me and I embraced it. Feelings Kit Ritual deepens our humanity and kindness.

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