My Name Came Up on Day 6

poet, self-care expert, alchemy of time coach, Zen adept through ancestral guidance
Rex Lassalle asked to speak at event

Feelings Kit Ritual created an Invitation

Longer narratives arose

The Ritual last night had no new experiences or moments of opening other portals as I did it. All went smooth. There were longer narratives that did surround Forgiveness. I did allow these narrative to unfold before applying FORGIVENESS to the navel. I kept the bottle of FORGIVENESS open as I spoke my truth holding it in front of my body. This felt more engaging before anointing my navel with Forgiveness.

Sleep was deep

Many dreams unfolded

Somehow on awaking…I felt to go back to sleep which I did. This triggered many dreams…with a number of new symbols. Dreamt of interacting with the Mozart of steel band music in Trinidad. He is a friend of mine, first time I ever dreamt of him. He is Mr Creativity. I remember hanging out with him after he won a steel band competition in London. He did the arrangement for the band, this is his forte. We went to a studio at one in the morning; he put down ten new tunes within an hour.
Then there was another dream, that featured Los Angeles and London along with some dog and going to a health food shop in London with a friend.

Creative juices came from those dreams

Meditation called me after those dreams

Sit and be with it

The creative spark is surely glowing with me today. I can’t say more about this except that new creative seeds have arisen. I am sharing it in this manner as when new ideas arise from ’Nowhere’ it is best to keep it to yourself rather than start blah blah about it. In those moments when they spring up…they are just thoughts blowing in the wind. Time is needed for these thoughts to get some roots over the coming days. I am of the view that those who are doing this ritual with me to have a listening to this approach should such new creative ideas arise for them.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury going backwards…so it seems

I did get a message from someone who has had an Alchemy of TIME Readings from me in the past. They were shocked that I started to do this Ritual when Mercury Retrograde is occurring. They reminded me that I always said not to start a new project when that is happening. Very true, . there was another prompting that surrounded my decision.
Many friends, clients and bits that I read on social media indicate that disconnect from self was a dominant theme in the social milieu. Hence my urge to engage with this and suggest that friends and others explore this modality for making a difference to their lives.

Mercury Retrograde is best time to do it

Best time to do it is Now

My Sunday experience was beyond any that I had from previous times when I did the Feelings Kit Ritual. Getting something from nature that I never requested…Birch Sap from a friend…the cashier in the Super Market and the spontaneous communication that happened. Symbolic communication from me with my bow and then the Gassho bow. It is unheard of me expressing myself like that. As I wrote on Sunday, Feelings Kit Ritual amplifies our communication. The trees, plants, flowers and herbs that create Essential Oils are not experiencing lack of communication. They are humming with interactions especially in the Northern hemisphere where Spring is blossoming.

My neme came up

They also came up in Italy

This afternoon, I got a text message from someone I never met who informed me that my name came up to be a speaker at an event in Helsinki later this year. He informed me that certain people recommended me to be a speaker and asked whether I would. SHOCK! Here the Feelings Kit Oils are whispering to people to ask me to communicate. Imagine that! How else can I explain this. People have wondered since I started using Young Living oils 14 years ago, I keep saying…Let the oils be your teacher. Now my Italian friend and translator just texted me a few minutes ago to inform me that in the last 2 days…since Sunday, if I may add. Her cat brought 5 grasshoppers into her home. I say no more

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