Receptive Calmness & The Feelings Ritual

Receptive Calmness Prevails

Day 5 of the Feelings Kit Ritual was a calm and receptive day

All went well doing the Ritual last night, nothing special to report. Did have many dreams this morning. Nothing stuck to my memory. I guess for all the inputs that occurred on Sunday a time of digesting and integrating them occupied my dream state. Today had me focus on routine and fulfilling my duties Yet, in a way so much of our human condition is about this.

Inner Child Question

Someone asked for more details in doing the Inner Child aspect of the ritual.

Thank You for asking

As the name Inner Child suggest; when you place your thumb on the roof of your mouth and you begin to walk backwards. Do suck on your thumb as this brings more cerebro-spinal fluid to the crown chakra. Give yourself permission to suck on your thumb whlst walking backwards.


the mental stabilizer ritual
Inner Child nourishes Crown Chakra

That’s it for the moment. May Receptive Calmness be given space to be in our lives this day

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Rex Lassalle