Communication Grows & Expands

With The Feelings Kit Ritual

Feelings Kit Ritual Day 4

A few friends have suggested to me that I share more about the oils rather than my nightly routine. They hinted…’we know how to do it, as your detailed instructions are clear.’ Many thanks to you friends for giving me guidance as to your needs.

Friends communicating with me

Communication amplifies with the Feelings Kit Ritual

Caring Communicaation Expands

We all know that YLEOils are the communication system for trees, herbs and plants. They are the core support system for the Flora in our world.

Guess what happens when you do the Feelings Kit Ritual?

Communication expands

Your communication with the world experiences an expanding exponential growth at all levels.

poet, self-care expert, alchemy of time coach, Zen adept through ancestral guidance
Rex, how can you say that?

Let me share with you the vast expansion that occurred for me this Sunday April 14th

This morning when I checked my social media. I received a text message from a student of mine that I had no communication with for the last 5 years because of some misunderstandings that occurred with a group to which she belonged. The misunderstandings had nothing to do with her.
What a pleasant surprise that was along with my feedback to her which then amplified her appreciation of us being in communication again.

More open communication undolded

When I went to the supermarket this morning to make a purchase there was a cashier that I saw for the first time. When she looked to me to acknowledge my presence of my purchase, this is the norm in Finland. I gently bowed to her saying thanks with my bow. She smiled… which surprised me. In a way like it made her day. I then said…’like it does not happen that often’. She said No. I then put my hands together in gassho and bowed. She responded…totally unusual with a big smile… Kitos! This interaction at a Supermarket is unheard of in Finland…I was pleasantly surprised as was she. The Feelings Kit oils and their empowering communication magic!

Feelings Kit Ritual meets friendly cat

I visited a friend today, have been there several times over the last 7 years. He has a cat that I have known over these years. Today for the first time the cat was all over me and my back pack. Never happened before, my friend knew that I was doing the Feelings Kit Ritual and said the oils are communicating with her.

Birch Sap gift

On returning by train to my apartment, I met a friend and her daughter…totally unexpected at the Railway Station. She gave me a lift home then handed me a bottle of Birch Sap. I never had this before, I know nothing about birch sap except that it comes from birch trees. The trees are surely talking to me.

Feelings Kit Ritual amplifies communication

Don’t you think?

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