Forgiveness & Its Feeling Kit Blessings

The Soul Opener

Day 3 of the Feelings Kit Ritual

Last night when I began the Ritual there was quite a bit of chatter in my mind …just life and its chatter. Anyhow once more VALOR started my slowing down process. Then the ritual stepped to HARMONY followed by RELEASE, as my Anthurium Lily started her dance to the ceiling. Nothing special happened when I worked with those oils doing the ritual.

There she was doing her dance

A whole new experience began when I opened the bottle of Forgiveness

Last night’s center of attention

This new experience surprised me. What was interesting is that it went to the core of my earlier Life chatter. Forgiveness was about forgiving myself. Self-sabotage was the dominant theme in this narrative. Here in this moment was all about forgiving myself for those situations where self-impairment was the bottom line. What was also linked to the self-sabotage was about my personal blind spot and where it is anchored. This is a totally new conversation that needs unpacking which I have not done as yet. It is the first time that such a dialogue arose for me. Where is my personal blind spot anchored? That is a koan that awaits a ripening moment. Truly an inspiring eye opener.

Brings You to Now

Present Time had an immediate impact directly related to my new Forgiveness narrative. I became aware of a deeper support that was engaging me with new landscapes for navigating life.

Back to our childhood

Inner Child ritual was smooth and grounded my Feelings Kit Ritual experiences for the evening. It granting me a sense of ease in heading to slumber land

Sleep was deep and restful, no dreams to report

What happened when I awoke?

Sacred Space
Meditation was the call card

This morning Forgiveness asked of me to take that conversation deeper. Seeking an opening to that Koan of my personal blind spot. Obviously that is an oxymoronic idea. If it is a blind spot how can you find it or discover anything.
Yet, there are vast areas of our lives that are outside the realm of logic. Hence we carry a curiosity for those illogical aspects of our lives. I sense we for all have a deep fascination for our irrational being.

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