Feelings Kit Ritual Day 2

Your Feelings Kit Essential Oils

Last night as I began the Ritual I was very present as I opened the bottle of VALOR and held it in front of me without starting my Sniff of it. Everything started to slow down. I guess if I had one of those Bio metric watches that have the facility of measuring brain frequency it would have shown that I was in the Alpha Brain wave frequency.

Anthurium Lily began its dance to the ceiling

Anyway as I started to sniff it, that slowing down quality continued. I became more aware of the Space and yes my Anthurium Lily began its dance to the ceiling. I put 3 drops in my left hand and rubbed the soles of my right then did the same to my left foot.


Then I moved to applying HARMONY to the chakras along my spine. Again that slowing down quality was present. In fact that was there throughout the Ritual. At the end of the Harmony Ritual, I felt to continue standing and feel how that was for my spine. By the way this was not a head suggestion. It was really about the Spine and its needs of wanting to feel how it was for itself. I have no words to describe that except different

and spacious.

Giving Space for things to grow and prospe

Then came RELEASE oil, that went fine. Nothing different came up to share.


FORGIVENESS brought a different rhythm to the Ritual. The slow vibe was still present. This time there were more words surrounding it when I opened the bottle. Reviewing what came up yesterday to forgive and how that was did occur. This is before taking any action with the FORGIVENESS oil. I am holding the open bottle, not sniffing it. Then a new situation which I had not been conscious of that needed forgiveness arose. I engaged with that while slowly sniffing FORGIVENESS.  I always sniff before I apply it to my navel. Sometimes I engage with the forgiveness narrative before applying the oil. Sometimes I do it after I apply the oil to my navel. This time I did it before. That all felt fine.


Then came PRESENT TIME where I tipped the bottle of it on to my right middle finger. I then applied it to the top of my sternum announcing the date and time as I did it. This brought me right back to the beta reality world. Slow rhythm remained yet I was more present to the mundane reality of everyday life.


INNER CHILD followed this, where I walked backwards for 9 steps. I did bring up images and memories of myself when I was under 10 years of age as I walked backwards. At the end of the 9 steps I turned to the South West to end the ritual. Trinidad being South West of Finland. Gary Young did not mention this in his instructions. Yet, I find it opens up another level of awareness in my relationship with certain directions. All ancient civilizations began ceremonies by acknowledging the four cardinal directions. That memory is still present in our DNA’s


Sleep was fine, not as deep as the night before but restful. I have no memory of any dreams.

the mental stabilizer ritual
What happened when I awoke?

As I awoke I was present to the Space where I was sleeping and felt to immediately sweep the floor. This was the first time that ever occurred. That it was dirty not really. By the way in that first half an hour I tend not to get into any analytical thinking. This is the norm, unless I am travelling somewhere that day. Then what should I take, should I wear this, what time does the train leave, did I pack my passport etc arises.

Big Surprise

What is this surprise?

When I checked my emails today. I got an email from someone that I never met asking me to reach out to a friend that I have known for some 45 years…who I have not seen or thought of for some four decades. This friend of my friend asked me to make contact with her as she would like to hear from me.

Imagine that!

Yes Feelings Kit and its magnetic amplification of our Auras do create such experiences.

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