Feelings Kit Ritual Day 1

There they are…the Feeling Oils are waiting for You

I started the Ritual last night, just before bedtime!

I am well aware that Gary Young’s instructions were about doing it both morning and evenings. When I first did it…some dinosaur years ago I did it that way. That was fine.

Gary Young…founder of Young Living

I found though and felt that doing it at night was more potent and rewarding. This is easily the 6th time that I am doing the Feelings Kit Ritual.

I have this mantra when engaging with Young Living Oils

Your Feelings Kit Essential Oils

Let the Oils be your teacher!

I mean that literally. I have been saying that for more than a decade.

How do you mean that Rex?

The oils have no voice, how can they teach?

Logically what you say is true, hence communication about the oils come through the measuring lens of ‘what the oils can  FIX, what it helps’
We humans have the information…hence the majority of us, I guess easily 99% of us view the oils that way We read the manuals with all that measured data & research about the essential oils.
Please I am not dismissing that data.
But, there is much more that is present with the oils that were never measured…I guess more accurately will never be measured.

Anyway last night when I opened my bottle of

Osteopath in the bottle

As I slowly sniffed it, the word that was dominant without me thinking about it was GRATITUDE

Gratitude and its surrender

That became the theme with all the 6 oils that I used to anoint and engage my body. I guess the keyword in the narrative about. Let the Oils be your teacher is one of Surrender.
When I am doing the ritual, that is where I am as I engage with the oils. I am not asking them for anything. I am well aware that many people have desires and goals that they wish to accomplish from using the oils.
Please, I totally respect and honour that…put those request out after doing the ritual. When doing it with that approach it means that the Oils and their energy is dominating the space and experience and none of your concerns; I guess even worries or responsibilities are then not part of the conversation when you are doing it.

Anthurium Lily coming alive with the Feelings Kit Ritual

On a very personal note, in the room where I did the Ritual before going to sleep, there is an Anthurium Lily. When I was doing it…that Anthurium Lily with all its stems was reaching to the ceiling. It was totally involved in the Ritual. Clear signs of how potent the Ritual is in the realm of the Unseen Space.

What happened when I awoke?

the mental stabilizer ritual
Waking Up this morning

Well I had a dream…this was more like a visit. I know that sounds very strange, in the limitations of our language some of these subtle nuances that occur for us as humans we struggle to put words about them. This was one of those occurrences that carry a speechless quality about them.

Rex on being commissioned as an Army Officer at Sandhurst

Anyhow, I can only put the context of the experience as that of a dream. One of the best soldiers that was part of my command visited me. He was a Corporal…yes folks I was an Army officer who led a mutiny and went to prison…don’t be shocked. Anyway, he never showed up in any dream of mine over the years. He passed on about 3 years ago. His presence was very much like reinforcing my intent with the oils for the next four weeks. It carried a fierce willpower.

Surrender & Gratitude

Interestingly, that arose from my surrender and gratitude with the oils last night. On standing up there was more energy in my body with a clarity of mind…yet relaxed and spacious. For the moment hat is as much as I can say. If I may suggest being spacious with your day is an excellent place to be with yourself as you handle your responsibilities. Let things unfold.

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