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Your Feelings Kit Essential Oils

Why are you featuring this Now Rex?

As it is a pricey item more than 226 Euros and things are tight for many people with all the inflation and how crazy the world is at the moment.

That is very true, yet within that I am observing and also hearing from friends and clients how disconnected they feel with life and the clarity about their needs are often not that evident as they are caught in distractions. Where sleep issues are present, stress levels are manifesting skin and emotional issues and confusion is very present. Oftentimes, not knowing who they are.  Their cellphone has become the anchor in their life yet feeling adrift with a profound disconnect from life is what is present.

Self Esteem?

The core motivation for doing the Feelings Kit Ritual is connected to your Self Esteem

Am I worth it? Hence the money conversation about what it cost. There is no way I can answer that for you. A key observation socially that I observe is the subtle Robotic narrative that now surrounds our lives especially since the pandemic. Many are struggling with this unconsciously knowing fully well that something is different with how they are engaging with life and a core disconnect is present where words are not available to describe it.  I say no more.

The New Norm

Helping You to Overcome Obstacles

There are many possibilities that can unfold for you when you diligently do the Feelings Kit Ritual in that last hour before sleeping. That time when the Subconscious Mind is receptive to your intentions and guidance.

Best done just before sleeping

Possibilities that Unfolded

Over the years, many friends and clients have seen major possibilities manifest for them from doing the Feelings Kit Ritual.

There was a lady in America who was having much conflict with her in laws after her divorced husband died. The dispute was linked with the daughters that they had. It concerned very different approaches that her in laws had reference inheritance for their daughters. She told me that the conflict was going on for many months with endless frustration and bitter exchanges.

That was her motivation for doing it. Let me be absolutely clear with readers, there were no guarantees I gave her about doing the Ritual. All I said is that a shift will occur in her life rather than that situation will resolve.

Well, a little over two weeks into the Ritual, that issue with the in laws were resolved with a happy ending. She did not mention this when we chatted, as it was not her core focus. She sold her house. This was a time in America where the selling of homes in the state where she lived was very sluggish.

Feelings of Spaciousness that accompanies such accomplishments

There was an Italian lady who had a very stressful life situation, her mother was in her late seventies and recently had a stroke. There was a lot of conflict between her mother and her siblings, some of this stretched back more than two decades. Her work situation was stressful as there was a lot of office politics happening where she worked. She had a younger brother who had some health issues where he was fairly dependent on her for assistance.

Stressed out to the max. She did the Ritual every night, as her mornings were hectic, as she had to leave early to beat the traffic to get to work on time.

After ten days into the ritual, uncles and aunts that had not visited her mother for over twenty years came to the house to see her mother. The dynamics at the office changed and the person who was creating a lot of conflict with her was sent to another department. Her brother’s sense of independence shifted and he was less dependent on her.

Family came around after decades of absence

Then there was a gentleman who did it as things in his life had a sense of stagnation especially emotionally.  About a week into the Ritual his lady friend informed him that she had a new partner. Of course this was a shock to him. I suggested to him that he continue, as it will support his processing that pain, which it did. The reality is that he was in a situation that was false and going nowhere, the Feelings Ritual opened a way to walk a new path honouring his authenticity.

A few years ago I was given notice that my landlady needed to use the apartment where I was living. This meant having to find a new apartment within three months. I decided to do the Ritual and see what will occur.

By the way, although that was on my mind many things shifted with my writing along with new clients connecting with my work. Cut a long story short, one story up from where I lived an apartment became available, this happened in the last week of the Ritual.  This was a better apartment than the one where I was, plus there were symbols and signs of my parents in this new apartment. That is another story for another time about those symbols and signs.

I invite friends and students to join me for this four week ritual with the Young Living Oils. Authentic pure essential oils are the communicating system that plants and trees use to grow and maintain their wellbeing. In the same way we are amplifying our communication with our body at all levels when we use these oils. We are realigning our aura and subtle bodies when we engage with this Ritual.

My suggestion is that we create a quiet and peaceful time before going to sleep to do it. This is a very receptive time to bring new levels of communication to the Sub Conscious Mind. As we slow down before bedtime, alpha brain waves become amplified. These are very involved with our peace of mind and the healing potential of our being. In this Ritual we are bringing the spirit of the plants to interface with our being. As we all know we are part of nature, we are part of the elemental forces of nature. This is truly a precious opportunity to have a deeper yet more subtle relationship with life and its blessings. Let’s do it!

By the way if anyone on reading this wants to be part of my Young Living do make contact with me at [email protected] and I will assist you in using the oils.

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