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Be Easy Sōtai

Sōtai was invented by Dr. Keizo Hashimoto a Japanese doctor from Sendai.

It is a powerful Self-Care therapy that involves a series of simple exercises and movements to bring structural harmony to the body. Very often, human beings sabotage and block their free & happy engagement with the natural environment. This is due to long-standing blocks & disturbances within their muscular system, their breathing patterns and their minds. “Be Easy Sōtai” is Rex’s own unique approach to Dr. Hashimoto’s discovery.

Be Easy Sotai 3 Core Observations

That clients have

1. Short attention span
2. Always plugged into the digital world
3. Surrounded by distractions

Be Easy Sotai aim is to always address these symptoms within my treatment plans with patients.

The approach is simple and practical so that patients can walk away with a basic routine to practice.

Be Easy Sotai Assessment covers

1. Face, Neck & Shoulder Diagnosis – application of muscle therapy using trigger points.
2. Pressure Points – application to a range of marma, acupressure and muscle therapy points.
3. Arms & Legs Assessment – tests with patients to understand differences in how they feel.
4. Walk Assessment – conduct basic “before and after” tests to see if treatment is working.
5. Treatment – application of a series of adaptive Sōtai exercises and muscular/skeletal therapy.

Be Easy Sotai Outcomes

Observations and feedback from patients can be summarised as follows:

1. Relief of pain
2. Release of emotions
3. Awareness of posture
4. Calmness within oneself
5. Confidence in repeating some exercises at home

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a bodywork system from Japan based on the priciples of oriental medicine. With a shiatsu treatment, the practitioner is able to balance and adjust the flow of vitality in the subtle channels of the receiver’s body, enabling real healing to take place. During the past five decades, Rex has taught thousands of students shiatsu in Europe and the Caribbean. He also did freelance work as the Shiatsu Master at The Spa of The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hyde Park, London between 2005 to 2013.


“Rex Lassalle is an excellent shiatsu practitioner. His meditiative calm relaxes you as if you went through a Zen Koan. When the treatment is over, you are left with a well-rested body and a clear mind. I recommend him highly.” Yoko Ono

Self-Help and Nourishing Our Own Vitality

More information can be found in Rex’s book “Spa Massage For Shoulders Neck, and Face: A Self-Care Manual For A Vibrant, Youthful Feeling & Appearance” (2010)

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