4 Wood Goddess Star 2023 Guidance

From today February 4th 2023 we move into the 4 Wood Goddess Star year

This is from the Japanese Katori Shinto Ryu system of 9 Star Ki Astrology.

I have been a student of these 9 Stars for more that four decades.

I have written a few books about it; Grasshopping through Time…(1999 sold out)
and The Time of Your Life…could it be Now?

My latest is called “Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME” (2022)which is now in 3 additional languages; French, German & Italian.

What is the guidance that the 4 Wood Goddess Star can give our Child Stars this year?

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that I am addressing your emotional needs from your Child Star.

You discover your Child Star from the year and the month you were born

Should you want to know what yours is, you can get the first 3 Free Chapters of Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME

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In one of FOUR languages…imagine that!

French, German, Italian & English

That is step one

To describe the emotional impact that the year will have on You

We have to look at which house your Child Star occupies during 2023

The template for the houses in the 9 Star Ki system is given from the pattern of the 5 Earth Star.

In the Lo Shu Circle (the circle which has 5 at the centre) each of the Stars occupies its own House. So the 1 Star is in the 1 House, the 2 Star is in the 2 House, the 3 Star is in the 3 House, and so on. As the Stars move around the Houses (on a monthly or a yearly basis) the Houses stay where they are.

Where those Elemental Stars are located in that 5 Earth Star Loshu Circle gives you the House which each Star natively occupies.

Now that we know that let us discover which house that our Child Star is located this year

The 4 Wood Goddess Star is mothering her 1 Water Child Star this year in the 2 Earth House

When You look at the 4 Wood Goddess Star Year you see that the 1 Water Child star is in the 2 Earth house

To make things even clearer for you, I’ve added the House numbers (which never change) in a black-coloured smaller typeface to the 9 Ki Circles in this post for both the 4 Wood Star and the 5 Earth Star.

Emotionally it is a transitional year for you. The 4 Wood Goddess Star is there with you and you need to cooperate with her

Emotional changes are there for you, do not read that as drastic…not at all. Of course if things have been on an emotional roller coaster, then obviously moving on can occur

By the way in writing about emotions. Your 4 Wood Goddess Star mother is not only addressing relationships with a partner, but most importantly with Yourself

For 2023 those with the 1 Water Child Star, you will tend to have deeper emotional needs and that narrative will carry a more internal aspect. It is a good time to listen and be receptive to what those inner needs are for you. It could at times pull you back to childhood memories. Just go with the flow with that

The ORINOCO FLOWS Community is about

Your Child Star and how women and their families can connect with those Oxytocin needs that nourish their Child Stars. The Child Star is their constant emotional support and companion.

For the 1 Water Child Star the 4 Wood Goddess Star of the year is suggesting that if you have dreams where new symbols along with “strange” coincidences occur, that you write a journal about this. Those moments will become dots in an unfolding “Alchemy Of TIME From Extraordinary Moments” tapestry that will bring Virtuous Action and Results to Your Life. .

The 4 Wood Goddess Star clear message to her 1 Water Child Star this year is:

Take Action with your inner listening and dreams. Do not just sit with them and hold your head.

When you take action, the 4 Wood Goddess Star knows that you are listening to the promptings which she is blowing in the wind for You.

Your Meal Times

Let your meal times have a touch of ceremony surrounding them. Best to slow down, with your eyes and words of gratitude tuned to the food that is in front of you. Your cell phone switched off, so you can really taste and smell the food. In that way you will be cultivating another approach to upgrading your Oxytocin experiences.

There is a lot to share about the 4 Wood Goddess Star year. Today I began with the 1 Water Child Star and will write about two Child Stars every day so that by the end of the next four days, every Child Star will have been covered. Check in every day for updates!

By the way, some friends are asking if I am still doing Alchemy of TIME Readings, yes I am! Just leave a message and I will get back to you.

Thanks for requesting a Reading


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  1. Yes it is a wonderful thing Rex to have some tips and guidance for the year ahead to appreciate that there can be times for restoring ourselves and others for advancing forward.


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