Daily Reality for Many of Us

How can we manage Anxiety & Sleeplessness?

How can we move away from all of this pressure yet still function efficiently at what we do in our lives?

Here are some obvious solutions for your sleeplessness

  1. Get a regular alarm clock and stop using your cell phone as an alarm clock. This is of the utmost importance.

Why should I get this?

This link tells you more

When is this course on Anxiety & Restlessness Rex?

Sunday October 9th 2022


Malten Meadow Barn Offton

This is a small town in Suffolk and Malten Meadow Barn is an ideal location for a course on Anxiety & Sleeplessness as it carries a beautiful garden with water features.

At what Time?

9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. with an hour for lunch

Is this Course for You?

Are You suffering from sleep apnea?

Do you get panic attacks?

Do your hands shake?

Do you have difficulties breathing at times?

Do you awake tired and exhausted?

Do you suffer from PTSD…Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Should any of the above issues be part of your daily life

Then Anxiety & Sleeplessness is there in your life
This Sunday event is designed for You.

What will I get?

When you attend this event you will get

  1. A clearer understanding as to what in your lifestyle is contributing to this
  2. Practical hands on protocols that you can do daily at home
  3. Dietary suggestions to make your sleep experience enjoyable
  4. Practical lifestyle tips to take command of stress experiences.
  5. A daily routine handout for you to take away when you leave.
  6. Simple do it yourself techniques will be practiced at the event.
  7. A Marma Point Chart with Anxiety & Sleeplessness protocols
  8. Your personalised healing process once you have given your date of birth.

Price £95
Early Bird Price paid before September 8th is £80
To register for the course
Tel: 01473 222 215

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