When that To Do List is not happening

Disappointments occur!

Something is also present in those moments.

This poem puts you in the picture with those moments.

This poem is from my forthcoming book of poems FINNISH MOMENTS


We sit 
Quiet is our demand 
Yet busy birds squawk
Spring is here
How else can they be
Yet quiet is our demand

Life is present below all our demands
Life is present below all the squawking birds
Life is present below 
Spring and its crackling energy
Isn’t it Time that we embrace Life 
Beyond our expectations

All these expectations  
Now our disappointments
So it seems
Can it not be that Life ever present 
Shows us a new Spring
If only we can see beyond disappointments

Caught in this squawking mind
Life is calling beyond that noise
To something below that is always present
Always calling us if only we could listen.
As trees talk with sacred directions on Forest walks 
Healing disappointments 

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Rex Lassalle