I remember some years ago a senior executive came to see me for a consultation. After sharing with me her numerous stresses. I said to her “Your To Do List is strangling You. Make Time for Being.” She then said to me “how do you Do Being?” That reply told me how much internal conflict and Trauma was occurring in her life.

There was no Space for Being in her life.

Restore Your Being by getting rid of Cluttering Time


Here is a poem that enrols You to get rid of Cluttering Time.

My forever recurring to-do list
Is that what my life has become?
Is that what my life is about?
Is cluttering time taking over my life?

TIME, what is all this clutter that you create?
“No. I, TIME, do not create clutter
Your limited way of seeing me is creating clutter”
Oh but my to-do list is there

“Yes, TIME hears you but that is your priority
You never got to meet me
You only see me with your clocks, watches
Now with all your sophisticated devices”

“Is it only there where I exist?
Can I not be known and felt in other ways?
Can it be that I knock at your dream door
But you never hear me?”

“When you do, you call me coincidence
Then you abandon me
Like a programmed robot
Mesmerized by your to-do list”

“Stuck in your head with your all-knowing
Analytical mind giving you information
Seemingly allergic to knowledge
Obsessed with ambition”

“Information is all you know
TIME knowledge is lost
Not to be found in your ambition
Obsessed in a doing world”

“Setting goals, managing Time
Imagine that, you even speak about me
With such denigrating words...
Time Management”

“How belittling your words
As if I am some native under your Colonial authority
No. I will not rise up to claim my independence
I will leave you obsessed with your to-do list”

“Frustrate you with your cluttering to-do list
Mislead you with your mindless time management
That imperial need of control
Seemingly present as you see me on a clock face”

“You think you can manage that being called TIME
You believe clock face came before TIME
Clock face came before seasons
Oh how superficial your so-called thinking”

“TIME gave you your being
You replaced it with your doing
Pushed me away and made me only a clock face
All just a measurement”

“An entity designed to function as a doer
Designing my life from this dysfunctional place
Always behind and you then place me as your master
Designing your life”

“As if you can manage that being called TIME
When I gave you your being
You replaced me with your doing
Then pushed me away

Just a footnote”
“That stranger who brings you coincidences
Who is crushing you to the bones
Expecting to see me only in those places

Where I am measured”
“Only a measure of 24/7, is that it?
No hints from my Full Moons or changing seasons?
Could you not connect with me through your elements?

Not just your clock”
“If so, then yes
Time Clutter will be what you will know
As, you never knew TIME”

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  1. Beautifully , and timeless if
    I can true it is with all this time management. Whyncant we just be? How do we end up being so caught up..? This is real rounds of applauses !!! To the writer of this poem…


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