Where do you find the Hinges for those doorways?

This is the fundamental question as you cultivate your relationship with your Subconscious Mind.

Obviously that is a Metaphor as to where You allow Your Subconscious Mind to take You.
This is where it becomes truly subtle and where in that moment of engaging the Subconscious Mind with that query other levels of ripening can occur. Give it space and allow what ripens to manifest.



Bring a sincere feeling of Gratitude for having these oils.
As you open the bottle and sniff it, do sense and imagine that a quantum wave is returning to those trees or forest in the world where those oils in that bottle came from with gratefulness.

SNIFFING…As the Oil talks to You

Stay with the experience of sniffing whichever oil that you have in your hand. In a way let the oil talk to you. Letting go without effort is all that is being asked of you. The effort of sniffing it does not have to be present now. Just comfortably holding the bottle of oil in that space of your being.
Maybe nothing happens the first time you do this with an oil. In the same way at times when you meet someone for the first time. Basic information maybe shared but nothing much happens. As you cultivate a Relatedness with the person other experiences and communication occur. It is the same with the Young Living Essential Oils. This step is about Cultivating Your Relatedness with the Oils.


Besides what is occurring for You or what you are sensing with yourself. Open yourself to be aware of what is happening in the Space of that room where you are Relating with this oil. Can you sense any shift or new feelings in the space. If there are flowers or plants in the room, look at them and see what is happening with them.
This may surprise many of you, in taking this step by step way of engaging with the oils. Plants and flowers in that Space do give you a response.
Is this important? I think so, you are experiencing another level of awareness that the oils are bringing to you. This immediately opens new pathways of how you and the oils communicate. Another level of appreciation occurs.


That appreciation is mutual, the oil in your hand is getting it as you are. Another Quantum Field communication is now happening between you and that oil and how it is transforming in subtle ways what is so in that room. Your growth as a Conscious human being is amplified by taking these steps with the oils.


Now do what you wish to do with that oil, be that massaging some point or area of your body. Or whether you are putting a few drops into a diffuser or the many other ways that we use these oils in our lives.


When that is complete give thanks for that oil amplifying your experience of life as you close the bottle.
If within that process you wanted to have some dialogue with your Subconscious Mind. You can do that at Step 4, where the Mutual appreciation is present. You are now expanding that to consciously invite Your Subconscious Mind into the narrative. Do not be surprise if as that is occurring a bigger Quantum Field Wave happens in the Space or with you or both. In this way you are honouring Your Subconscious Mind to participate from your persuasive request of that Joyous Feeling.
Experience it as a given what you are requesting in that Space & your Subconscious Mind.
There is no arrogance with this and this is a private conversation with the oil in your hand, your subconscious mind and your conscious awareness. Those Joyous Feelings friends do bring You Blessings.


There are so many more subtleties that occur when you then bring Your Marma Points into this conversation with the Subconscious Mind. Your Marma Points are an essential aspect of your Autonomic Nervous System. It is always present just as your heart and internal organs function even when you are sleeping with no instructions from you. Engaging your Marma Points in this Subconscious Mind narrative now means your Astral body is tuned into this dialogue. This is accessing levels of power and energy in Your being from that place called surrender.

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Rex Lassalle