the mental stabilizer ritual

Most of what I have read is all about goal setting and putting the Subconscious mind to work for you.
There is an inherent rulership that is implied by every book or article that I have recently seen about it.
I beg to differ as my experience especially connected with the Young Living Oils has a very different taste and flavour to the Subconscious Mind.


Something happens in the Space…there is something that comes alive in the room when I tune into my subconscious mind. How can you say that Rex?

Well I have two plants in my office and when I go there to communicate with my Subconscious Mind and I pull away from my to do list.
The leaves of those plants start responding, start engaging with this dialogue with “their interest”.

Sacred Space


Can I describe my Subconscious Mind as some monkey who is running crazy all over the place the whole day that I need to order it around and be the Imperial master in this dialogue?
Yet on many social media sites that is how they are writing and speaking about your subconscious mind.

Such an aggressive viewpoint about an essential part of our essence breeds frustration and egocentricity when we view it from such a perspective.
Isn’t it about Time that we need to be kinder to ourselves with a deeper sense of calm and peace about our lives?


The level of impositions and demands that we have all encountered in the last thirty months globally have dented many of us. Our relationship and how we view this domain of our being, the Subconscious Mind needs a lighter and more subtle approach than the many articles that I see on social media and the Internet presently.

Are you against personal achievements Rex?

Of course not, but what I have seen and worked with over the decades are many people who were totally gung ho about their career and achievements. Some of these people achieved the pinnacle of success yet there was an emptiness, even sadness that lingered in their eyes.
By the way this was so with both very successful men & women. That trampling path to their success with all the medals of achievement for the tramplers oftentimes harbours a bitter aggression towards themselves.
Their language is filled with self-aggrandisement along with a haste as to what’s next. Oftentimes never savouring the gifts that another part of their being have contributed to their outstanding achievements. Their Subconscious Mind.


Many of us have been dented financially. This means that the demand to restore those financial losses or find new avenues of work will be very dominant socially. People are going to be having all types of approaches to remedy that situation. Along with that fear and anxiety has also risen among millions of people.
My message is that You still have your Subconscious Mind.

You still own Your Subconscious Mind

Be kind to it and embrace it to create new possibilities for You.
Young Living Oils are an excellent tool that can in a few minutes open that doorway to your subconscious mind for you to have meaningful conversations with it. Rather than approach it as some slave who you order around.

How is that done Rex?

I share that in my next blog. In the meanwhile be kind to your Subconscious Mind. Those last 15 minutes before your bedtime is when it is most receptive…let it be a time of peace and gratitude and no wifi…blessings of good health and wellbeing will flow towards you as you sleep.

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