What are the factors that trigger mental health challenges?

There are twelve of them


Addictions are a major contributor to Mental Health Challenges.

This is a vast landscape, where obsessional habits take over and a need for that substance or habit to be expressed dominates the individual’s life.



Here, the person easily flies into a rage, with major expressions of frustration about what is happening to upsets them.

Mental Health


Mental Health

Never feeling comfortable in our bodies. Feelings of dis-ease which dominate the mind are ever-present, then mental health becomes an issue.

Mental Health


Dark thoughts, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Inspiration and motivation have left the person’s life. When darkness shrouds their life and lethargy then hopelessness is the norm.

Mental Health


Anorexia and bulimia are two primary ones, and many variations of them can dominate an individual’s life, therefore mental health challenges can easily arise.

Mental Health


Immersed in an electronic environment, where even your bedroom is saturated from computer, TV and cell phone radiation. When present in the bedroom as a result this triggers mental health issues.

Mental Health


That emotion of loss, especially the loss of parents, siblings and partners, can create big dents for many of us if there is no approach to processing the grief. Processing grief is a very healing journey, creating a deeper, more compassionate heart space.

Mental Health


The inability to surrender to life, to just switch off. Sleep allows the healing process to begin, as the alpha brain waves become dominant as we sleep. Taking sleeping pills denies us healing alpha brain waves.

Mental Health


Oftentimes the core issue is low self-esteem. The need for approval by those around you becomes a dominant theme in your life. By the way, some people can feel lonely even when surrounded by large groups. Loneliness can have many shades to it.

Mental Health


Large sections of global society are still recovering from the pandemic, and have not yet found their “be-at-ease” response to life. Such pain and stress can trigger mental health issues.

Mental Health


These can manifest as different phobias for some people (animal phobias, phobias about the environment, situational phobias, food phobias etc) pushing them into panic attacks and other mental disturbances.

Mental Health


This is a vast topic linked to addictions which creates a debilitating impact on mental health

These are the twelve aspects that impact our mental health. Raising our awareness and life force is of crucial importance for maintaining mental health.

Mental Health

What raises our life force?

There are 5 primary things.

1.The food we eat and how we eat it

Do we sit and eat? Or are we eating in front of the computer or cell phone? In that case, we are actively engaging electromagnetic toxicity with our digestive system.

2. Our Breathing

This is a major source of prana or chi energy. Yogic and Taoist breathing practices make a big difference in raising our life force therefore a very good habit to cultivate.

3. Exercise, especially when it includes walks in nature.

This makes a big difference to our life force, as we are engaging with the prana and chi of nature, vast and all-encompassing.

4. Clear focus on our dreams and passions

that motivates us to accomplish and fulfil our goals in life obviously support our mental health

5. Nutrition that supports the gut microbiome/brain function.

The prebiotic and probiotic influence of such foods can be very stabilising for someone prone to mental health issues.

Q: What nourishes our mental health?

A: In the Ayurvedic system of health and wellbeing they speak about the Mano Vahasrotas.

This functional pathway is directly linked to our mind when utilized skilfully this can help our mental health.

The Marma points on our body surface are directly linked to the Mano Vahasrotas.

In my next blog I will share a very supportive Marma point protocol for Mental Health & Wellbeing.

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