Sleep Solutions with Marma Points

marma points for reducing electromagnetic stress
Are You communicating with Your Face?

This image of the face is from my Self Care Spa Massage for Shoulders, Neck and Face manual. There are many more Marma point charts in this manual with descriptions of their benefits and how to communicate with them.

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Sleep issues abound globally

Insomnia taking its grip

Insomnia is not the only sleep issue

Sleep apnea is now quite prevalent, interestingly 25 years ago. As a body therapist I heard about this maybe once a year. Night sweats is another issue for some. Then there is that disturbing one of nightmares.

Are You communicating with Your Face to Sleep? Those Marma Points on your face are Communicating points with your mind. They are points to take you there into a deep sleep

Marma points are where eternity and relativity meet. They have a direct link to the Mind.

Yes folks, this goes beyond Acupuncture points as it links to the Manovaha Srotas which is the channel for the Mind.

We need to have a WIFI free zone in the bedroom. No cell phones, no TV’s or computers in the bedroom. I know that may be very challenging to some of you. Maybe how you relate with these devices…that unspoken work among these convenient devices…Addiction. You have to be always engaged with it. I share that, as the big growth in sleep issues globally in the last decade can be traced to this device and the disturbing electronic waves that surround it.

Time to give that up when you sleep

Time to Cultivate a new Relatedness that is much deeoer than with your phone…with your Marma Points

More Marma Points

Your Marma Points will take You there

It is important for you to realize that Marma Points are communication channels to take you there to access your life force. They allow you to cultivate a deeper Relatedness to them and with yourself. Can I ask you as the first phase of this blog for you to be with those words. Yes as a meditation.

marma points for reducing electromagnetic stress
Your Marma Points Meditation Image

Just engage with the image shown right above these words. Slow your breathing down, allow your shoulders to relax. Allow your breathing to gently come from your tummy as you give your tummy permission to relax as the air flows in. Then to softly contract your tummy as the air flows out. Give yourself 5 minutes doing this. Phase 2 with the protocol of engaging with your Marma Points to take you there. This will occur tomorrow. Thanks for your patience

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