Sleep Protocol with Marma Points.

marma points for reducing electromagnetic stress
Marma Points for Sleep Protocol

These Facial Marma Points are waiting for You to communicate with them to take you to sleep. It is as simple as that. Your Facial Marma Points have many benefits beyond taking you to sleep. As you cultivate a Relatedness with them on a nightly basis many health challenges may easily fall away. There is also an added benefit of making you beautiful with that ageless elegance as you communicate with these Marma Points.


.Your contact with the Marma Points is a firm yet gentle one.
As you make slow circular movements on the points with your left or right middle finger to slow your energy down for sleep. Before you begin, first massage your ears with a firm fairly strong pressure with some Young Living Cedarwood or Sandalwood essential oil. I am a big fan of Young Living Essential Oils. I have been using them daily for the last 14 years. Another option for the oils is to make some Nutmeg oil by grating a whole nutmeg into cold pressed Sesame Oil. The recipe is in my self-care manual Spa Massage for Shoulders, Neck and Face on page 24. Then my last guideline is that your breathing needs to be slow as you allow it to arise from a relaxed tummy. Your tummy relaxes as you breathe in and gently contracts as you breathe out.

Your Sleep Protocol with Marma Points

marma points for reducing electromagnetic stress

We begin with KAPALA it is right there on your forehead where it meets your hair line as shown in the image. It calms the mind and balances the emotions and relieves stress. It benefits the eyes and nose and may bring some help to snorers.

ANJA is next Marma Point, also called the 3 Rd Eye. It is the width of your middle finger above NASA MULA the point that is at the mid point between your eyebrows. ANJA benefits brain circulation, regulates hormonal secretions. Relieves headaches, stimulates memory and concentration. Supports the development of intuition. Helps with eyestrain along with sinus problems

NASA MULA right there between your eyebrows as it benefits your eyes, nose and frontal headaches, relieves nasal congestion, stress and tension. Eases snoring. Brings great benefit to those suffering from insomnia. Helps with prostate and cervix issues.

SHANKA is the next Marma Point which is that dip in your temple on either side of your face. It eases emotional stress along with migraines. It reduces acidity which eases stomach pains. It regulates the colon, benefits eyes, ears, teeth and face.

NASA MADHYA is there in the middle of your nose where bone and cartilage meets. It  benefit eyes & nose. Excellent point for easing eyestrain, and nosebleeds. Dissipates anger and aggression. It has a correlation with the solar plexus.

NASA AGRA is the tip of your nose. It benefits the lungs and respiration. It restores consciousness in the case of fainting. Helpful with asthma and bronchial challenges. Supportive with prostate, cervix and haemorrhoid discomfort.

HANU is there on the midline directly below your lower lip. It improves the complexion of your face and benefits your facial muscles. HANU also helps with TMJ discomfort, hormonal imbalances and sexual dysfunction.

Now that you have completed your Sleep Protocol with Marma Points. Bring the palm of your hands together as you take 5 gentle breaths with relaxed shoulders.

Sleep well with pleasant dreams

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